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  1. Hi there, go to Settings>Privacy&Content>Notifications
  2. Hi there, it can be customized. You can go to Settings>Mouse Gesture>Hot key settings. This known issue is still being analyzed. It will be added to the future version.
  3. We will have the 32-bit in the future. 😊 Request recorded.😊 Thank you for pointing this issue out. It will be changed in the future. Portable version has been added. 😊 Bug reported.
  4. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version is 64-bit. For the full release note and changelog: click here
  5. BugSir006


    + Optimized the drag and sort function under the list view - Fixed crashes - Fixed the issue that the prompt could not display completely when resetting the password of the browser account - Fixed the issue that the search result of history could not display properly after deleting the keywords - Fixed the issue that the label of pop-up window could not display properly - Fixed the issue that website content could not be added to Maxnote properly - Fixed the issue that the screen capture function could not work properly under Maxnote - Fixed the issue that the browser could not open the selected startup page after the browser crash - Fixed the issue that the browser could not open the external link properly if the built-in page as the current page - Fixed the issue that the Windows Security Alert popped up when browsing webpage
  6. Thanks! Hi there, we will have the 32-bit and the 64-bit of Maxthon 6.
  7. Hi there, we will release the portable version next time.
  8. Hi there, you can also log out the browser account, delete the login record of this account and log in again.
  9. Hi there, I switched the system language to the Italian then new install the MX6.
  10. Hi there, it's not a bug. And we recommend you to install the latest version
  11. Hi there, you can try to press the keyboard "Win+R," run "%appdata%," find the folder "Maxthon5," rename the folder then restart the browser.
  12. Could you send the crash report to me and let me know the operating steps that caused the crash? To find the crash report, you can go to C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data\Crashpad\reports
  13. Hi there, thank you for your information. It's a pity that I haven't reproduced this issue, but I found the method to change the language. Change language Open your Google Account. You might need to sign in. Click Data & personalization. Scroll down to the General preferences for the web panel. Click Language. Select Edit . Choose your language from the dropdown box, and click Select. If you understand multiple languages, select Add another language. https://myaccount.google.com/language
  14. Sorry for the inconvenience. I cannot reproduce this issue frequently. Try to clear the browsing data then restart the browser, please.
  15. Hi there, try to clear the browsing data then refresh the page, please. I cannot reproduce this issue frequently. 😔
  16. Hi there, this issue is still being analyzed.
  17. Hi there, could you find this?
  18. Hi there, this issue has been fixed in v6.0.0.2601.
  19. Request recorded.😊 Hi there, you can overwrite installation.
  20. Hi there, to save the webpage as HTML, you can right click on webpage then click "save as."