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  1. Hi there, could you provide me a screenshot of this issue? Did you change the password of the browser account? You can try to log out the browser account, delete this login record of this browser account and login again. You needn't delete the local data.
  2. + Keep the previous placement of the QuickNote window - Fixed the crashes under some cases
  3. Hi JoeRee1968, the mx://flags is the same as the chrome://flags "Flags are experimental in nature and aren't really intended for users. The features they manage may be broken, missing, unreliable, or cause unintended side-effects. It's best to avoid setting any flags unless you know precisely what you're doing - and resetting all flags to their default state should always be troubleshooting step number one." If/when such features become reliable enough for daily use then they will be promoted to the main Maxthon Settings. 😊
  4. Thank you for your reply. I will continue testing this issue. 😊
  5. Hi there, it is not a bug. It belongs to the product design. In MX6, the last session page only can record the last previous session. You can view the earlier session in History.😊 This known issue has been reported to the dev team. May I know how many download records in Download manager? This known issue is still being analyzed.
  6. Hi there, please go to User Account Control Settings, then try adjusting the notification level. You can select the third level of it.
  7. Hi sloid, this known bug will be fixed as soon as possible.
  8. Hi Michael, I tired to test this issue many times in the portable and the installed version but haven't reproduced it. Could you provide me a video of it? The dev team will push the auto-update in the background if there is no terrific crash or data loss issue. If we receive some bug reports regarding the latest version, we will test and fix the bug first, then push the auto-update. This issue belongs to the product design; we have recorded and reported it to the product team. This request is being considered seriously. 😊 We will update the core as soon as possible.
  9. Hi there, could you try this issue in the fresh portable version? This issue may caused by the proxy or VPN extension.
  10. Hi there, did you login to the browser account? If you fresh install the browser then login to your browser account, it needs several minutes to sync the settings.
  11. Hi Arcan, could you reproduce this issue frequently? Did you install any extensions regarding the download function?
  12. Hi there, I tried to test this issue many times but haven't reproduced it. Can you reproduce this issue frequently?
  13. Hi there, could you describe this issue in detail? You mean you copied the folder "User Data" from 801 to 1000? I tried to test this issue but haven't reproduced it. It would be appreciated if you can provide us a video or screenshot of it. You mean you selected "Last session page" as the startup page? How many tabs did you open? I tried to test this issue but haven't reproduced. 😥
  14. Hi there, could you let us know the previous version number of your browser? Fresh installation or overwrite installation?
  15. You can right-click on this button to view the last closed tabs. 😊
  16. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version Build (0508) If you have the previous version of, please download and update this latest version manually. For the full release note and changelog: click here Happy browser and leave your comment!
  17. + Optimized the layout of QuickNote + Optimized the strategy of shortcuts + Adjusted the minimum size limit of the browser window + Adjusted the strategy of the local data backup + Added the shortcut "Ctrl+Z" to reset the screen capture - Fixed the issue that the bookmark data imported repeatedly under some cases - Fixed the issue that Passkeeper could not sync under some cases - Fixed the issue that the search engine and the language list could not display properly under some languages - Fixed crashes - Fixed the issue that the news box could not display properly in Windows
  18. Hi there, are you still experiencing this issue if you only use the first monitor? Could you send a screenshot to us when you only use the first monitor? And why the scale of your scale setting is gray? Could you let us know how to set it? How about the latest version
  19. Hi there, how many download tasks do you have?
  20. Hi there, how many download tasks do you have? Are you using the Windows 7 system? Could you provide us a video of this issue?
  21. Hi there, to customize the shortcuts, you can open the browser menu (Alt+F) > Settings > Mouse Gesture > Shortcut management > More shortcuts Thank you for your information. This issue has been reported to the dev team. 😊
  22. Hi there, did you install any extensions? Try to disable the extensions then try this issue again, please.