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  1. Hello Maxers, We updated Maxthon 6 four times in May, from version to version Here are the changelogs: Functions Optimized: 1.1 Improved the browser UX [] New UI for History and Downloads; [] Added the option for changing personal info under the account menu; [] Added the button for switching core to the address bar; [] Quick Access opened in the current page; [] Extension center built-in; [] Changed the right-click menu of the address bar and added the function “copy title and URL” to it; [] New welcome page; [] Added the function to switch to retro mode automatically; [] Added QR code function to address bar; [] Optimized the status of the login page; [] Optimized the retro mode; 1.2 Browser installation and settings [] Added the option for exporting bookmarks; [] Added the option of user agreement to the installation interface; [] Added the option for customizing “Quick download” to General page; 1.3 Data import/export and cloud syncing [] Optimized importing function; [] Importing passwords data and quick access data from Maxthon 5 are available (Guest account); [] Improved the function of importing bookmarks; Bug Fixed: [] Fixed the issue that the shortcut F11 could not work properly when activating the page area under the retro mode; [] Fixed the issue that restarting the browser while syncing the Maxnote the prompt of restoring page popped up; [] Fixed the issue that the language list could not be closed by clicking the blank area; [] Fix the issue that it prompted incorrect account or password when logging into account with uppercase letters; [] Fixed the issue of data merge and sync; [] Fixed the issue that the language could not be added; [] Fixed the crash issue when saving webpage as an image; [] Fixed the issue that the profile page could not load properly; [] Fixed the issue that the thumbnail could not be displayed in Maxnote; [] Fixed the issue that website icon could not display properly on History page; [] Fixed the issue that the extensions could not be added; [] Fixed the issue that the extensions web store could not adapt to the browser language; [] Fixed the issue that History page could not display the week properly; [] Fixed the issue that the create account page could not display properly for phone registration; [] Fixed the issue that the email registration could not work properly; [] Fixed the issue that the operation of switching browser language could not take effect for the first time; [] Fixed the issue that the verification code can not be sent when registering a new account; [] Fixed the issue that the Maxthon Now page could not adapt to the system language; [] Fixed the issue that the Settings page and the Extensions page opened simultaneously when clicking Settings; [] Fixed the issue that the login page could not display the prompt when hovering the icon; [] Fixed the issue that the registration interface could not have the prompt when using the registered account to register; [] Fixed the issue that removing account could not be recognized instantly; [] Fixed the issue that Passkeeper data loss after removing an account; [] Fixed the issue that the tab could not be opened to the right of the current tab; [] Fixed the issue that Netflix video could not be played; [] Fixed the issue that the verification code can not be sent when resetting the password; [] Fixed the issue that the Passkeeper data cannot be imported; [] Fixed the issue that the QR code could not display; In addition, we completed the first package of MX6 Beta version and tested it in a small user group. Thanks to the users' feedback, we fixed a bunch of bugs and made many optimizations. The next beta-testing will begin in June. MX6 Beta version contains basic blockchain function. If you are interested in MX6, please join the test group at https://t.me/nbdomain .Thank you for your support and love. We will continue to work hard!
  2. Thank you for pointing out. These have been submitted to the product team and will be improved in the future version. These issues have been submitted to the dev team as bugs.
  3. Hi n3ujx, to reset the password, you can click the "forgot password." If you could not receive the email to reset the password please let me know the email address of this issue.
  4. No. We won't run it in the background without your permission.
  5. Could you provide the test account of Line? I tried to test but haven't received the verification code.🙁
  6. This issue happened in version It would be appreciated if you can provide a video of this issue.
  7. Last week, we announced that MX6 is the first Bitcoin-powered browser. Many users wonder why choose BSV as the underlying blockchain. Today we will talk about the thinking behind this. Bitcoin was invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto and started in January 2009. Its source code was released as open-source software. In June 2017, developers led by hardware manufacturer Bitmain made the first hard fork to increase the block size limit to eight megabbytes. As a result, the bitcoin ledger split in two, and the new one is named Bitcoin Cash. On November 15th, 2018, Bitcoin Cash got another fork, result in two independent blockchains. The one is Bitcoin ABC (short for Adjustable Blocksize Cap), it would maintain the block size at 32MB. The other is Bitcoin SV (short for "Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), it would increase the block size limit to 128MB. BSV claims that it would restore Satoshi Nakamoto's original vision. Maxthon believes in the original power of Bitcoin. BSV will help in building an honest society BSV leader, Dr. Craig S. Wright, believes that Bitcoin was never intended to allow anonymous cryptocurrency transactions. It was designed to protect privacy. Privacy and anonymity are two totally different concepts. Privacy means that your identity will not be exposed, but an audit trail can be conducted if someone wants or needs to investigate misconduct. Bitcoin is a transparent system that can track the flow of the coin. In BSV chain, your privacy will be protected better. But if an economic system operates in an anonymous form, corruption and crime will surely grow. We agree with this concept, and we will work with the community to build an honest and reliable society. BSV is unlimited scaling and keeps transaction fees tiny (The technological metrics of the three Bitcoin blockchains) The BTC developer group kept blocks on BTC restricted to a tiny 1MB size. 1MB blocks only allow an average of 3 transactions per second. With tiny 1MB blocks, the BTC network often runs into congestion. This led BTC transaction fees to skyrocket. Compared with BTC, BSV now completely removes any default cap on the block size, and BSV team claims BSV now rivals VISA for transactions per second, and offers BSV miners "better returns" than BTC. Uncapped scaling is critical to attracting enterprises. Enterprises can develop applications on a blockchain that is scalable to support their high volume needs. BSV is the Bitcoin you can earn and use Unless you are a miner earning newly mined coins, BTC is a digital currency that you must buy from an exchange; and then most buyers just hold, hoping for investment gain. BSV ushers in a new paradigm. BSV is electronic cash that everyone can easily earn and use. Innovative entrepreneurs are creating new applications which allow users to earn small amounts BSV through micropayments, and then actually use the digital currency. (Excerpt from BSV Ecosystem) There are more than 300 projects on the BSV chain, such as UptimeSV, TonicPow, Twetch, FiveBucks and services like them, more “BSV earning” applications are coming. BSV projects also encompass diverse industry sectors, involving entertainment, social media, online games, supply chain, digital advertising, data marketplaces, distributed network intelligence, Internet of Things, banking and, of course, payments. To summarize, BSV builds a blockchain designed for business: to meet real enterprise needs, to be used by real people, and to comply with real laws. It means BSV allows for massive scaling, and adds a professionalized approach to security. Working on BSV, we believe Maxthon will provide better services and make the world a better place.
  8. Hi projektilski, go to Bookmark manager, drag the folder which you need to display to the folder "Desktop Bookmarks," please.
  9. Could you let me know the version number of your Maxthon 6 and the UID of your browser account? To check the UID, you can access my.maxthon.com. Try to open the Maxnote to check the sync status, please.
  10. Account data of Maxthon 5 will be imported to Maxthon 6 automatically after the first login. And then, the data of Maxthon 6 is separate, it won't sync with Maxthon 5.
  11. Since we announced that Maxthon 6 will support blockchain applications, many users want to know how Maxthon 6 will do it. After communicating with the MX6 development team, we decide to invite users to experience these features in MX6 Beta test. Please join the test and feel the birth of new internet. When it comes to blockchain, many people assume that blockchain and cryptocurrency are the same. Blockchain is one of the underlying technologies of cryptocurrency. They are closely related, but they are not the same thing. Blockchain is a new technology, sometimes referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology. It is "an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way". The primary usage of blockchain today is in the financial sector and it also can be integrated into multiple areas to change the way we live. With great features like reliability, transparency, traceability and immutability, blockchain shifts trust in people and institutions to trust in technology. MX6 will be the first browser that supports blockchain identification, information storage and retrieval. MX6 will provide a blockchain identity manager MX6 will provide a blockchain identity management tool. The blockchain uses public-key cryptography technology to identify different parties. MX6 has used and extended this technology for users to create private identities on internet. When surfing the web, users could enjoy quick payment by fast identity verification and authentication. With the data encryption and decryption, identity manager can validate the ownership of certain data without exposing any user's personal information. By embracing it as an integrated part of the browser, MX6 will provide a powerful and yet private identity validation system, making a safer and convenient new internet. MX6 will support new blockchain domain system MX6 will support a blockchain domain system, which has made blockchain easier to use, by hiding the complexity of blockchain behind domain names. It can be used as an updatable datastore for users and for app developers. For example, register “MyFirstID.test” as your blockchain domain and create "wallet@MyFirstID.test" as your Bitcoin wallet address. Then you will use this address to replace hard-to-remember crypto-address. In this domain system, users can create an unlimited amount of subdomains. With an unlimited amount of subdomains, people can save an unlimited amount of blockchain data, and more importantly, update these data on the fly. All the complexity of updating immutable blockchain is hidden below the domain layer. MX6 is first Bitcoin-powered browser by the BSV blockchain Why does MX6 choose BSV? First, with the Genesis update of BSV, it's technologically matured to develop real applications; Second, BSV's transaction fee is lower and predictable; and the most important reason is that BSV is the regulation-friendly Bitcoin. In BSV, your privacy will be protected better, but privacy does not mean anonymity. This means that your identity will not be exposed, but an audit trail can be conducted if someone wants or needs to investigate misconduct. Blockchain is a nascent technology and it should improve our lives rather than disrupt existing social order. MX6 will provide open APIs that allow developers and businesses to easily integrate their blockchain applications to the Maxthon browser. Summary MX6 will have easy wallet integration to support all BSV applications. It also provides a new identify system powered by cryptography. With the development of Maxthon, more and more blockchain empowered innovative features will be added. MX6 Beta version contains basic blockchain functions. If you are interested in MX6, please join the test group at https://t.me/nbdomain. Your advice and suggestions are always welcome!
  12. Thank you! Reported to the product team. 😊
  13. Thank you for your feedback. This known bug will be fixed as soon as possible.😊
  14. Thank you for your feedback. I will forward these requests to the product team. It has been added to the Maxthon 6. Go to Settings>General>On startup>About:blank. This known issue has been reported to the dev team.😊 In our forum, we have a test area for testers. If you'd like to join our test team please feel free to contact me. We probably release the beta version in this month.
  15. Hi ALDO, it has been added, and it is still being optimized.
  16. Hi pantantrollo, this function will be added to the future version.
  17. Hi AaronX, this request has been reported the product team. 😊
  18. Hi jugurtha, could you let me know the email address and uid of your browser account? To check the uid, you can access my.maxthon.com.
  19. Today, we will talk about the Settings of Maxthon 6. Compared with Maxthon 5, Maxthon 6 provides more personalized settings. Let's take a look at it. Startup page settings You can open a page or pages when you launch MX6 on your computer. It can be a specific page, like New tab, About:blank, Last Session, or it can be a set of pages. Quick save images In "Settings>General>Quick save images", tick "Quick Save images by clicking while holding the Ctrl key" and the images can be saved to the default folder. Tab settings In "Settings>Tab" page, you can do more personalized settings for a tab. You can decide how to open or close a tab and select the position when you create new tab or switch to which tab after closing a tab. MX6 does its best to meet the needs of users in different scenarios and habits. Personalized appearance settings In "Settings>Appearance>Theme", you can personalize your MX6 by changing themes. Besides "Classic Dark Blue" and "Classic Light Blue", you can also find more browser themes in the Theme Store. In the "Interface", you can choose to show some button in address bar or not. Besides that, MX6 provides other customization of appearance, such as customizing fonts and font size. Moreover, MX6 inherits the "Customize UI" menu, so that you can set the interface more easily and quickly. Mouse Gesture MX6 inherits MX5's built-in mouse gestures feature. You can click "More mouse gestures" to get more action selections. Advanced settings In "Settings>Advanced" page, there are the settings about Privacy and security, Accessibility, System, Cache path and Reset settings. With functions optimized, MX6 will open more underlying settings. MX6 can not only become a good browser for ordinary users, but also it can be the best choice for enthusiasts. Summary The Settings of MX6 is still improving. In the Beta version, we will create more convenient features. Your advices and suggestions are always welcome!
  20. Probably add to the official version. It will be appreciated if you could provide a short video of these issues. The recording tool has been attached. bdcamsetup.exe
  21. Try to click the "Sync" button in Passkeeper of Maxthon 6, please.
  22. Hi jugurtha, the user data could be imported to Maxthon 6 from Maxthon 5 at the first login. The data of Maxthon 6 is separate, it could not sync with Maxthon 5.