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  1. Maybe because the portable version doesn't have access to spotify web helper???? Edit: If I disable Spotifywebhelper on start up, I can't get Spotify to play.
  2. Tried Spotify with M5.1.3.100 without issue. Closed the tab and tried again, did not run when clicking play on the album cover, song tittle or song list. Turned off AB+ and refreshed the page manually and it again had no issues playing using any of the methods used to play a song.
  3. Worked fine after running as administrator, thanx
  4. Unfortunately, Bugmiss is on weekend so your official reaction will have to wait until Monday.
  5. Strange indeed, mine displays just like Secret-HQs, always has but I didn't comment because it was the new forum and other things probably need attention first.
  6. They appear identical to me, maybe because I'm using Win10b14955???
  7. Switch to retro mode, it displays fine(M4.9.4.1000). It also displays fine in ultra mode with M5.0.1.3000. It may just be the user agent, but I'm not sure. Edit: Updating user agent didn't help in
  8. Bugmiss006 asked you which version of windows you are using............but obvioulsly win7
  9. M5 has a built in QR reader as did M4. M5's is buried in the more menu whereas M4's was directly to the right of the address bar.
  10. Check your proxy settings and maybe UA
  11. Looks pretty good simply resized.
  12. Thanx, works perfect, well done!
  13. Opens my online favorites in browser, at least it tries to. I login in the addon but then it doesn't let me login to online favorites. This could be an issue with my login credentials though. Make no mind of my comment if no one else has an issue.
  14. When using reader mode images aren't shown. Seems to happen on all the pages I've tried. PC Mx5.0.2700
  15. joemax


    No, this one
  16. Its a tab on the new tab.
  17. I got my m5 version from a link that was posted here in the forum which mentioned something to the effect that if you had a VIP number you could download it, so I did. I'll uninstall and wait for the email like everyone else if anyone thinks I should.
  18. Select Multisearch from the search bar drop down, you're using M2 multisearch.
  19. If you have friends or family on Facebook it's a "No-Brainer!) Edit: Favorite sport team, theatre group, etc..
  20. They are likely waiting for M5 to be released which should be soon(read July)
  21. Please reread post (I was editing when you posted.)