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  1. I'm not 100% sure what you mean? The pushbullet feature lets you receive and send messages from your Windows PC through your phone's service. This is true in both the browser extension and the stand alone Windows PC app. You do of course need pushbullet installed on an android phone linked to the app on your Windows PC for it to work. It's quite slick.
  2. I just add it to my infobox and then open up MX5 on my smartphone and boom it's there for me to click on.
  3. Hi guys thanks for all the replies. The key thing I'm looking to be able to do is to send text messages through my phone, from my browser via an extension. That's what I mainly use PushBullet for. Sharing url's and stuff I have MX5 mobile on my phone so I just use infobox for that stuff. I did recently realize pushbullet has a installable application for the PC itself, without need for a browser extension so I'm not sure my request is as valid anymore.
  4. Hello there, I've been an avid user of the Chrome/Firefox/Etc... extension PushBullet. It lets me reply to and create new text messages from my browser on my computer and it sends those through my phone which has the Android app installed. Wondering if this is something we could get on MX as some point? Or is there something with similar functionality I'm not aware of? Thanks! Josh