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  1. French localization by @-ody- (works with fr-fr): [lang] app.title=Dictionnaire Turc app.description=Affiche les différents résultats obtenus (Turc, Allemand, Espagnol, Français)-Anglais ou Anglais (Turc, Allemand, Espagnol, Français) depuis les sites Tureng, Wordreference, Dictionary et Yandex.Translate. app.settings=Réglages app.translate=Traduire app.more=Plus.. app.loading=Chargement app.dblclick=Double-clic app.selection=Sélection app.on=Marche app.off=Arrêt app.backward=Retour app.forward=Continuer app.tr=Turc app.eng= Anglais app.de=Allemand app.es=Espagnol app.fr=Français app.options1=Choisir la langue app.options2=Paramétrer les extensions app.options3= Choisir les sites supportés (maximum 4) app.category=Catégorie app.turengclick=Cliquez pour afficher le dictionnaire Turc app.wordreferenceclick=Cliquez pour afficher Wordreference app.notFound=Terme non trouvé app.timeout=Temps de connexion dépassé app.swap=Changer de langue app.feedback=Retour Hope, German will be soon. UPD: Ody said: "You have to replace "dictionnaire turc" with "dictionnaire français" top of the list"
  2. Spanish localization by @Wilser ツ (works with es-es, es-mx, es-ar, es-pe): [lang] app.title=Diccionario Turco app.description=Mostrar los resultados de las variantes (Turco, alemán, español, Francés)-Inglés o inglés (Turco, alemán, español, Francés) de sitios web específicos como Tureng, Wordreference, Diccionario y Yandex.Traductor. app.settings=Ajustes app.translate=Traducir app.more=Haga clic para ver más... app.loading=Cargando... app.dblclick=Doble Clic app.selection=Selección app.on=On app.off=Off app.backward=Atrás app.forward=Adelante app.tr=Turco app.eng=Inglés app.de=Alemán app.es=Español app.fr=Francés app.options1=Elija el grupo de idiomas que desea. app.options2=Establecer las características de la extensión en páginas. app.options3=Elegir sitios web soportados (Puede seleccionar como máximo 4 webs). app.category=Categoría app.turengclick=Haga clic para mostrar el panel del Diccionario turco. app.wordreferenceclick=Haga clic para mostrar el panel del Diccionario WordReference. app.notFound=Término no encontrado. app.timeout=¡Tiempo de conexión agotado! app.swap=Intercambio de idiomas app.feedback=Comentarios I don't understand how GitHub works, don't like this.
  3. I have a few questions: Why do you use "false" for "allowPin", "resizable" and "stopOnClose"? Because many users want to be able to pin / resize / close window. And if I want to only minimize window, I can just click anywhere beyond its borders. Just think about this. I know that extensions does not work with Russian, but I made ru-ru.ini: [lang] app.title=Турецкий словарь app.description=Работает со словарём турецкого лингвистического общества, словорями Tureng, WordReference и DictionaryReference, а также Яндекс.Переводом. Подходит только для турецкого, английского, немецкого, испанского и французского языков! app.settings=Настройки app.translate=Перевод app.more=Подробнее app.loading=Загрузка... app.dblclick=Двойной клик / x2 клик app.selection=Выделение app.on=Вкл / + app.off=Выкл / - app.backward=Назад app.forward=Вперед app.tr=Турецкий app.eng=Английский app.de=Немецкий app.es=Испанский app.fr=Французксий app.options1=Выберите язык, с которым хотите работать: app.options2=Установите нужные варианты работы: app.options3=Выберите сайты, с которыми хотите работать (максимум - 4): app.category=Категория app.turengclick=Открыть Tureng? app.wordreferenceclick=Открыть WordReference? app.notFound=Термин не найден! app.timeout=Время соединения истекло! app.swap=Поменять местами app.feedback=Обратная связь It looks stange... So I use / to add other terms what you can use. You should look on it. What about other languages? I know people, who can help you with German, Spanish and French.
  4. Step 2: Bookmarklets (scripts which run by click) Step 3: Scripts Как сделать собственное расширение для Maxthon? Шаг 1: Аддоны боковой панели Как сделать собственное расширение для Maxthon? Шаг 2: Букмарклеты Как сделать собственное расширение для Maxthon? Шаг 3. Скрипты Русский вариант текста слегка подкорректирован для русского языка по умолчанию.
  5. Для поисковый строки в быстром доступе нужно 4 пустых ячейки. Жмёшь по одной из них, переходишь на вкладку "Приложения" и добавляешь Search. Это если у тебя новый быстрый доступ.
  6. Нажми шестеренку или покопайся в настройках. Не помню, чтобы натыкался на похожий пункт. Но это старый быстрый доступ. MX мог тупо обновиться. А в новом поиск - это отдельное приложение.
  7. Я могу сделать расширение для Maxthon. Но мне понадобится пара ссылок. И кто-то должен затестить.
  8. A.S.


    OK. If No1Fan made this topic for use, we will talk about problems with build-in translator here. Maybe about other problems and bug. Maybe if moderators here give me one day without unwarranted deletionand and threats, I will write about one bug, which can be a cool fearture, if MX Team write about this as about feture! 1. Build-in translator works with Google only, if you're not from China. YouDao and Baitu are useless for you if you don't understand hieroglyph. 2. MultuTranslator will be update soon. I hope. Just think about this: if developer live in Russia, he use Russian and if he see Russian when extension works, all right. How can he know about problems? I wrote to him about not English interface in PROMT, it's all. This is problem, which can be fixed in a few minutes... if you know about this! But if all what you did is just sat here and "used MX from MyIE", if your did not write any feedbak about your problems or write only "Does not work!", what are you waiting for?
  9. Build-in translator is not so important, because it's not so cool: works only with Google. We already have many extensions for translation (for example, MultuTranslator). vk.cc/4FLD38
  10. Many people very often ask about Hangouts for Maxthon. And when I ask: "What extension do you need?", - many people answer: "Hangouts". And I don't know why. I think Google made excellent website: all works on one page, without links. It's comfortably. Why people want to see this in sidebar? Maybe because Hangouts does not work in Maxthon 4.4.x. But this is because of browser. If browser does not support website, I doubt that someone is able to fix it. And I doubt that someone is able to port Hangouts extension from Google Chrome: it does not work in Yandex.Browser and other Chromium-based bworsers. I don't think that somebody can make it work in Maxthon. There is other extension Chromium-based browsers, It works only with text like IM. I think it's possible, but I can not do this. But now Hangouts works in Maxthon 4.9. So I made simple extension: hangouts.google.com in sidebar window links to Hangouts, on air and support in toolbar menu link to video call in toolbar menu no scripts, only one script which open website from toolbar But Hangouts is not popular in my country. I don't have any one online. And I don't like modern messagers with calling, I'm too old for this! I think text chat works, but I can not test calls. Probably website will requires installation of the plugin that will not work in Maxthon. I don't know. All what I can do is just create videoconference with only one participant (me). So I need your help. If you have Maxthon 4.9 (last beta here), please check these: Open hangouts.google.com, check all buttons, try to write message for someone. I think it will work. Try to call (voice and video). I hope it works. But maybe you need special plugin and I am afraid that this will not work Open talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/_/. This is empty videoconference. Try to invite somebody. I use this links in the addon. If it works by links, it will work by addon too. I can give you mxaddon if you need. And if you can make something better or you can port extension from WebStore, it will be great!
  11. This is work for @Wilser ツ Looks cool!
  12. Blogger works with scripts badly. I found and corrected a few mistakes, but these changes were not saved. I know about mistakes in the post here, but bookmarklets work, so I will not edit publication it and correct mistakes in the text. Only if I'll add new scripts. Перевод на русский здесь. Там же слегка отредактированные скрипты, которые будут открывать русские версии сайтов.
  13. 1. Russian localization - ru-ru.ini Readability - Readability Read Now - Прочитать сейчас Read Later - Прочитать позже Send to Kindle - Отправить на Kindle Reading List - Список для чтения 2. I'm not sure, but I think you use excess lines in the code: "type": "mxcmd" and "scrip" in one point. 3. "config" is settings of the extension. It is available on about:extensions. If this website does not have special page with settings, just remove it. 4. This is permanent link to your extension. Even if you remove it from Extensions Center and upload again this link will work. And now I think next parts of guide will be useless for you. Only when MX will fix toolbar bug, you will be able to add submenu.
  14. Original publication about bookmarklets on Blogspot Расширяем функционал браузера без расширений на примере Nitro How to make your own extension. Step 1: Sidebar add-on NB: I write this post, because many people ask about similar things. Many Maxthon users can not find necessary extensions. Nitro and IE users have no extensions! How to use browser without features? There are many reasons to write about this. For example, we need it for the second step in creating your own extensions for Maxthon. Get ready, it will be a long way! Today we talk how to add new features in your browser without extensions. And the first question what you should ask is "Why? Why not extensions?". And I know two reason "why": Not all browsers support extensions. IE and Nitro don't have extensions and never will have. Its users have no choice. Almost all extensions work all time even if you do not use it now. It means that if you use any extensions your browser need more RAM. We'll add new features which will run only when we need it. Absolutely everyone knows about IE. I don't agree that IE is so bad. But IE is not so fast and IE realy does not have features. As Google Chrome, but Chrome has thousands of extensions and if you need some feature you can add it without any priblems. But not in the case of IE. Nitro is fast, but empty. Early versions of Nitro did not have any functions: only address bar, tabs and favorites. Last beta of Nitro has localizations and even build-in AdBlockPlus. But this is still only beta and ABP in Nitro works so bad that I doubt that it really works. In addition, users need the functionality. Maxthon Browser has so many features, but even MX need extensions! But today we talk not about Nitro or IE. Today we talk about bookmarklets. Word "bookmarklet" is very similar to word "bookmark": bookmarklet is bookmark + applet. What it means for us? It means that we can add symple application directly to favorites and the script will work as bookmark. It means that script will run by click only. And it means that it works only when you realy need it and does not eat your RAM in background. I hope you understand what is bookmarklet and now you want to know only one: examples! This is examples of bookmarklets that give you necessary functions in any browser. What do you need? Translators? Readers? Tools for sharing and screenshots? Just try these... TRANSLATORS 1. Bing Translator The only official bookmarklet for translations what I could find. It you use Maxthon Browser and know Wilser's Microsoft Translators, you know how this bookmarklet works. But if you want to use Bing Translator comfortable, you need the script specifically for your native language. So open Microsoft Language Labs page, choose your native language and drag "Translate" button bookmarks or just copy the URL by context menu and save it manually. javascript:(function(){var s = document.createElement('script'); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.src = 'http://labs.microsofttranslator.com/bookmarklet/default.aspx?f=js&to=en'; document.body.insertBefore(s, document.body.firstChild);})() 2. Yandex.Translator I asked Yandex support about official bookmarklet for translator as for Bing, but they gave me link to api only. This is absolutely useless in our situation, so I used script from MultiTranslator for Maxthon. Remember this extension, because we'll talk about this many times. And try Yandex.Translator for Maxthon if you want to see how this script will work. javascript:q=(document.location.href);void(open('https://z5h64q92x9.net/sandbox?dir=auto&ui=ru&lang=en-ru&url='+escape(q),'_self','resizable,location,menubar,toolbar,scrollbars,status')); 3. Google Translate The must popular online translator. And you need special bookmarklet for your native language again. Just open special Google page with all buttons for translation and drag link with your language in bookmarks or copy URL manually. If you use MX, you can look how this bookmarklet will work if install Google Translate for Maxthon. javascript:var t=((window.getSelection&&window.getSelection())||(document.getSelection&&document.getSelection())||(document.selection&&document.selection.createRange&&document.selection.createRange().text));var e=(document.charset||document.characterSet);if(t!=''){location.href='http://translate.google.com/?text='+t+'&hl=ru&langpair=auto|en&tbb=1&ie='+e;}else{location.href='http://translate.google.com/translate?u='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&hl=ru&langpair=auto|en&tbb=1&ie='+e;}; 4. PROMT Translator PROMT is Russian company that develops software for automatic translation. It was very popular when many people did not have Internet at home. But Google... Bing... Yandex... And PROMT is almost forgotten... forgotten, but not dead! As I know, PROMT the only online translator which works with templates. So you can try also PROMT Translator for Maxthon. And scripts from MultiTranslator are used in this extension too. javascript:q=(document.location.href);void(open('http://online-translator.com/siteTranslation/autolink/?direction=ar&template=General&sourceURL='+escape(q),'_self','resizable,location,menubar,toolbar,scrollbars,status')); DOWNLOADERS 1. SaveFrom.Net SaveFrom is popular extension which allows you to download video, audio and photo albums from popular websites. But SaveFrom extensions exist only for all browsers, except Maxthon. MX users can use only SaveFrom script with ViolentMonkey or SaveFrom Light. It works via bookmarklet which you can use in any browser. javascript:q=(document.location.href);void(open('http://en.savefrom.net/#url='+escape(q),'_self','resizable,location,menubar,toolbar,scrollbars,status')); 2. KeepVid Online service for download video from popular websites. Works very strange for most casual users. KeepVid does not have any extensions. If you want to download video you need copy URL in special field on the website. But for many websites you need special script KeepVid Helper. So if you want to try KeepVid, you need save script and bookmarklet. Too many actions for casual user! I tried to make KeepVid for Maxthon, but it does not work for many website and I can not do anything to fix it. But in Nitro and IE you have no choice. So... javascript:(function(){window.open('http://keepvid.com/?url='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'')})(); 3. Save2Go Save2Go is Russian web service which downloads flash content from any website... in theory. In practice, find website where the script is working very hard. But this is the only script which allows you to download flash games in any browser (but not on any website) what I could find. javascript:(function(){if(typeof(Save2GO)!='undefined'){Save2GO()}else{var s=document.createElement('script');s.type='text/javascript';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);s.src = 'http://save2go.ru/sys/inc/bookmarklet.js'}})(); After several tests, I realized that the site works better than the official script. If you manually copy URL with video or game in special field you'll get direct link to .swf everytime. So I made new simple bookmarklet: javascript:(function(){window.open('http://save2go.ru/parse/?url='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'')})(); 4. Flickr Downloader Fast download of pictures from Flickr in maximum size. This script was written by Russian developer of extensions for Google Chrome. But this is just script, not extension. Together we made Flickr Downloader for Maxthon. And now you can try this in any browser as bookmarklet. This is too big script to post it here, so just copy it from GitHub. READERS 1. Clippable (ex-Readability2) Original EverNote's Readability script has been improved by Brett Terpstra and we got Readability2: read mode (white or gray background) and night mode (black background). You can see how it works if you install Clippable for Maxthon or just try bookmarklet: javascript:(function(){x=document.createElement('SCRIPT');x.type='text/javascript';x.src='http://brettterpstra.com/share/readability.js?x='+(Math.random());document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(x);y=document.createElement('LINK');y.rel='stylesheet';y.href='http://brettterpstra.com/share/readability.css?x='+(Math.random());y.type='text/css';y.media='screen';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(y);})(); 2. Squirt Reader Very tool for speed reading training. Squirt Reader converts text in running line. I don't know how you call this in English and I have no idea how to explain this to you. Just try this! javascript:(function(){sq=window.sq=window.sq||{};if(sq.script){sq.again();}else{sq.bookmarkletVersion='0.3.0';sq.iframeQueryParams={host:'//squirt.io',userId:'75bb8f6b-982d-499f-9042-6535e603bb18',};sq.script=document.createElement('script');sq.script.src=sq.iframeQueryParams.host+'/bookmarklet/frame.outer.js';document.body.appendChild(sq.script);}})(); TOOLS FOR SHARING 1. TL;DR-ify Too long; didn't read... How often people reply this on your links? You can be right, but they are too leazy to understand it. But with TLDRify you can show selected part of page. And if your opponent needs he can also look at the original page. Very usefull! And TLDRify has extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Maxthon. But you can use bookmarklet in any browser. javascript:(function(d){d.body.appendChild(d.createElement('script')).src='//tldrify.com/static/js/bookmarklet.min.js?_'+new Date().getTime();})(document); 2. Kwout Analogue of TLDRify, but for images, not for text. With kwout you can make screenshot of page and share it in your blog or email. As I know kwout has only one unofficial extension: kwout for Maxthon. But bookmarklet works in absolutely all browsers. And kwout has three bookmarklet: Copy this if you need standart tool javascript:(function(){var b=document.body,e=document.documentElement,h=100,s=self,y=0,w=window;if(s.pageYOffset)y=s.pageYOffset;else if(e && e.scrollTop)y=e.scrollTop;else if(b)y=b.scrollTop;if(w.innerHeight && w.scrollMaxY)h=w.innerHeight+w.scrollMaxY;else if(b.scrollHeight > b.offsetHeight)h=b.scrollHeight;else h=b.offsetHeight;location.href='http://kwout.com/grab?address='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&scroll='+(y/h);})(); Copy this if you want to share screenshots in new tab javascript:(function(){var b=document.body,e=document.documentElement,h=100,s=self,y=0,w=window;if(s.pageYOffset)y=s.pageYOffset;else if(e && e.scrollTop)y=e.scrollTop;else if(b)y=b.scrollTop;if(w.innerHeight && w.scrollMaxY)h=w.innerHeight+w.scrollMaxY;else if(b.scrollHeight > b.offsetHeight)h=b.scrollHeight;else h=b.offsetHeight;w.open('http://kwout.com/grab?address='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&scroll='+(y/h));})(); Copy this if you want to make screenshots in the same tab javascript:(function(){var b=document.body,e=document.documentElement,h=100,s=self,y=0,w=window;if(s.pageYOffset)y=s.pageYOffset;else if(e && e.scrollTop)y=e.scrollTop;else if(b)y=b.scrollTop;if(w.innerHeight && w.scrollMaxY)h=w.innerHeight+w.scrollMaxY;else if(b.scrollHeight > b.offsetHeight)h=b.scrollHeight;else h=b.offsetHeight;location.href='http://kwout.com/grab?address='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&scroll='+(y/h);})(); 3. AddThis Almost all internet users know what is AddThis. This is the most popular service for fast sharing. And this is official bookmarklet: javascript:void((function(svc) {var d=document,w=window,p=0,b=function(){if(!p){p=1;if(_atc.xol)_adr.onReady();if(w.addthis_sendto)addthis_sendto(svc||'bkmore',{product:'bmt-'+_atc.ver})}else{p=0;if(_atw)_atw.clb()}};if(!w._atc){var ol=w.addthis_onload||[],o=d.createElement('script');w.addthis_product = 'bmt-250';o.src='//s7.addthis.com/js/250/addthis_widget.js#domready=1&username=bookmarklet';ol.push(b);w.addthis_onload=ol;d.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(o)}else b()})()) 4. Shareaholic Analogue of AddThis, where you can create own account and edit your shared links. Shareaholic has extensions almost for all browser, except Maxthon. And in any browser we can use official bookmarklet: javascript:(function(){var service='all';if(window.Shareaholic && window.Shareaholic.prototype && window.Shareaholic.prototype.Bookmarklet){Shareaholic.init_bookmarklet(service)}else{var shr=document.createElement('script');shr.type='text/javascript';shr.async='true';shr.src='//dtym7iokkjlif.cloudfront.net/assets/pub/shareaholic.js';shr.onload=shr.onreadystatechange=function(){var rs=this.readyState;if(rs && rs!='complete' && rs!='loaded'){return;}try{Shareaholic.init_bookmarklet(service)}catch(e){ }};document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(shr);}})();void(0); ONLINE SAVES AND SYNС 1. Pocket Pocket is the place where you can save all information from the web. And even if the original page will be unavailable copy in Pocket will be available always until you remove it. Now Pocket is build-in tool in Firefox and Yandex.Browser. And Pocket is really popular: just look on apps, which use Pocket api. I think today Pocket has extensions for all browser, because we have MXPocket, Pocket for Maxthon. If you don't want to use extensions, you can use bookmarklets: Copy this if you want to use official bookmarklet (fast save in one click): javascript:(function(){var e=function(t,n,r,i,s){var o=[4046227,1365750,6597580,3221241,1207020,3248723,1624722,1235605,6376953,6485151];var i=i||0,u=0,n=n||[],r=r||0,s=s||0;var a={'a':97,'b':98,'c':99,'d':100,'e':101,'f':102,'g':103,'h':104,'i':105,'j':106,'k':107,'l':108,'m':109,'n':110,'o':111,'p':112,'q':113,'r':114,'s':115,'t':116,'u':117,'v':118,'w':119,'x':120,'y':121,'z':122,'A':65,'B':66,'C':67,'D':68,'E':69,'F':70,'G':71,'H':72,'I':73,'J':74,'K':75,'L':76,'M':77,'N':78,'O':79,'P':80,'Q':81,'R':82,'S':83,'T':84,'U':85,'V':86,'W':87,'X':88,'Y':89,'Z':90,'0':48,'1':49,'2':50,'3':51,'4':52,'5':53,'6':54,'7':55,'8':56,'9':57,'\/':47,':':58,'?':63,'=':61,'-':45,'_':95,'&':38,'$':36,'!':33,'.':46};if(!s||s==0){t=o[0]+t}for(var f=0;f<t.length;f++){var l=function(e,t){return a[e[t]]?a[e[t]]:e.charCodeAt(t)}(t,f);if(!l*1)l=3;var c=l*(o[i]+l*o[u%o.length]);n[r]=(n[r]?n[r]+c:c)+s+u;var p=c%(50*1);if(n[p]){var d=n[r];n[r]=n[p];n[p]=d}u+=c;r=r==50?0:r+1;i=i==o.length-1?0:i+1}if(s==242){var v='';for(var f=0;f<n.length;f++){v+=String.fromCharCode(n[f]%(25*1)+97)}o=function(){};return v+'a2c85adb22'}else{return e(u+'',n,r,i,s+1)}};var t=document,n=t.location.href,r=t.title;var i=e(n);var s=t.createElement('script');s.type='text/javascript';s.src='https://getpocket.com/b/r4.js?h='+i+'&u='+encodeURIComponent(n)+'&t='+encodeURIComponent(r);e=i=function(){};var o=t.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]||t.documentElement;o.appendChild(s)})() Drag this if you want to use unofficial bookmarklet, which works via this page (two clicks with tags): javascript:(function(){window.open('https://getpocket.com/edit?url='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'')})(); 2. Symbaloo This is the alternative to standard new tab in your browser. Symbaloo works online and on all browsers. And almost for all browsers Symbaloo has extensions. And yes, Symbaloo has two unofficial extensions for Maxthon: Symbaloo and Symbaloo Light. Symbaloo Team know about thes and maybe these will be official. But even if you browser does not have any extensions for work with Symbaloo you can just add website and bookmarklet in favorites: Copy this to add official bookmarklet (for IE): javascript:(function(){var url='http://bookmarker.symbaloo.com/?url='+encodeURIComponent(document.location.href),newwindow=window.open(url,'SymbalooBookmarker','toolbar=no,width=550,height=330,status=no,titlebar=no,scrollbars=no');window.setTimeout(function(){newwindow.focus()},0)})() Copy this to add unofficial bookmarklet (works via this page): javascript:(function(){window.open('https://bookmarker.symbaloo.com/?url='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'')})(); I think that's all... It was very long and boring work. I tried to write this post for a long time, and I already have Russian post "How to add new features in Nitro" about bookmarklets in Russian section, but it took too much time! If you want to help, just write other usefull bookmarklets in comments. Maybe it will be usefull for somebody... Original publication about bookmarklets on Blogspot Расширяем функционал браузера без расширений на примере Nitro How to make your own extension. Step 1: Sidebar add-on
  15. Maybe it's possible, but now I don't know how to do this...
  16. OK. I'll try to write how you can edit the extension for this. Do you talk about Blogspot? Maybe Google have universal link for all users blogs? Some like plus.google.com/me or facebook.com/me
  17. Step 1. Sidebar addons Step 2. Bookmarklets Step 3. Scripts Step 4. Toolbar menu Step 5. Localization Русский перевод Original Russian guide Most of extensions for Maxthon Browser is just sidebar extensions. It's very easy for develop. Very easy. If you have predesigned template, you can make new sidebar addon in a few minutes. Addons for sidebar have minimum of functions, but you need minimum of efforts to make it. We have a lot of sidebar addons for Maxthon. We have many addons for the same websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.) with different icons and size of windows. I'm perfectionist: I want to see beautiful icons and I want to have ability to resize the sidebar window. So I looked what is inside these extensions. I do not know anything about programming. This is just my experience. Today we'll start learning how to make extensions for Maxthon. And we'll begin from simply addons for sidebar. Sidebar addons will be the basis for other our extensions. Are you ready? I want to show you how to make Google+ for MX sidebar. Why Google+? Because G+ was updated and now I use new desktop website for my extension, and if you like old mobile version of G+, you can make your own extension! Let's start! NB: I will use old screenshots from original Russian guide for Yandex.Mail. Because Google+ is more relevant than Yandex.Mail now, but I'm too lazy to make new screenshots. And there is Russian on these screenshots. Sorry. 1. Create a new folder and name it Google Plus. 2. Inside Google Plus folder create a new folder and name it icons. 3. You have to make three icons in different sizes for your extension: icon_48.png, icon_32.png and icon_16.png (for Extension Center, sidebar and toolbar). NB: .png is the format of image, not just a part of name. You can not just add .png in the file name, it will not work! You should use any program to change the image format (for example Paint.NET) or just search only PNG images (for example in Yandex). 4. If you don't have icon in PNG, you can make it from any other format. Just open your image in Paint or Paint.NET, click File → Save as... and choose .png in file type field. 5. Now we have icon for our addon and we need two copies. Copy and paste. Copy and paste. 6. Now we have to resize our icons. Right click on any file, choose Open in (I don't know how it's called in English versions of Windows) → Microsoft Office Picture Manager. In Picture Manager window click Edit Picture → Resize (or something like that). We need 48x48 (icon_48.png), 32x32 (icon_32.png) and 16x16 (icon_16.png). 7. Working with icons is completed, go back to the Google Plus folder. 8. File def.json have to be in the extension folder. So... Open notebook, write information about you (as author) if you want: name, email, website. Usually I add source in "website" field. I think, your def.json will look like this: [{ "author": "who developed it", "name": "your name", "email": "your email", "website": "https://plus.google.com/" In theory, users can see this information in Extensions Center, but... I never saw this.Add the date when you made it: "date": "05.12.2015" The next what you need to specify is type and version of your extension. You can use any number, but we start from v.1.0.0: "type": "extension", "frameworkVersion":"1.0.0", "version":"1.0.0", Maxthon uses GUID to indicate and update extensions. You can not upload your addon in Extension Center if someone used the same GUID. And you can nou use addons without any GUID. Where you can get it? Here. And it looks like this: "guid": "{ABD3EBCE-FFD0-4D0A-A68A-B93E446310A3}", Now we'll name your addon: "name": "Google+", "icon": "icon", "title": {"en": "Google+"}, "description": {"en": "sidebar addon for Google+"} Now you have to choose where you can see your addon. Most of MX extensions use button in sidebar and old MX users like this. But new users who came from Chrome want to see extensions in toolbar. Toolbar buttons look very funnily with Ultimate Chrome skin. So... sidebar or toolbar? "actions": [{ "type": "panel", "entryPoints": ["sidebar"], Next point is ability to close the sidebar window. MX Team made strange choice: by default you can only minimize sidebar window, but not close. I have no idea why. So just add this: "stopOnClose": true, Enter address of page what you want to see in sidebar window. For mobile version of Google+ this is: "main": "https://m.google.com/app/basic/", What about the ability to pin and resize window? Use true if you need it and false if you don't: "allowPin": true, "resizable": true, And finally, the last thing what you have to specify is windows size: "width": {"default": 480, "min": 300, "max": 500}, "height": {"default": 720, "min": 610, "max": 1200} That's all and now you need only close all brackets: }] }] If you did all right, now you see some like this: [{ "author": "who developed it", "name": "your name", "email": "your email", "website": "https://plus.google.com/" "date": "05.12.2015" "type": "extension", "frameworkVersion":"1.0.0", "version":"1.0.0", "guid": "{ABD3EBCE-FFD0-4D0A-A68A-B93E446310A3}", "name": "Google+", "icon": "icon", "title": {"en": "Google+"}, "description": {"en": "sidebar addon for Google+"} "actions": [{ "type": "panel", "entryPoints": ["sidebar"], "stopOnClose": true, "main": "https://m.google.com/app/basic/", "allowPin": true, "resizable": true, "width": {"default": 480, "min": 300, "max": 500}, "height": {"default": 720, "min": 600, "max": 1200} }] }] 9. Save this note as def.json: click File → Save as, in the file type field choose All files and write name for this file: def.json 10. All done! You need only pack it! You need MXPocker for this. Just drag Google Plus folder in MXPocker and get you GooglePlus.mxaddon: Use duble click to instill it in your browser. If duble click does not work or you use portable version, just copy new file in C:\Users\WINDOWS USER\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\MAXTHON PASPORT\Addons and it will work! Look up. You made the first your own extension for Maxthon. But... In new Opera you need only one extension to add any website in sidebar. In Vivaldi and Firefox you can just add website in sidebar by link like in bookmarks. And only Maxthon users must dance with tambourine every time! Why? P.S. If your extension does not work, write me about this. I did not test this addon and maybe I made a few silly mistakes... Русский перевод Original Russian guide
  18. Что-то я не совсем понимаю, что делает твои скрипты для ABP. Может, если они полезны не только продвинутым пользователям, есть смысл запихнуть их в расширение? В общем, надо поболтать. Как тебя найти?

    1. ALeXkRU


      Ха! нормально: Макстон не даёт писать тут - на своём собственном форуме - все поля для ввода текста неактивные О_о
      Приходится через FF писать. Бре
      д! Адблок что ли режет всё...


      про какие скрипты речь?

      Найти меня проще - на Ru-Board-e  (сечас я там, правда, переименовался :( ... пришлось )

  19. I think this is because of new interface of calendar. Because when I opened calendar to check it, Google offered me something and I accepted this offer. Ofter this calendar works in new interface for me. I fixed the link. Now this is https://calendar.google.com/calendar/. It works in new interface, but I can not check in it old. And I tried to use https://www.google.com/calendar/. I hope it work for all version of calendar. You can not, But I can. What do you need?
  20. Google+ was updated and new version is already available for desktop and apps. My extension works via mobile website, but this changes did not affect mobile website. What should we do? I already made new version, which works via new desktop website. It looks cool. With new website I can add your profile on toolbar like in extensions for Facebook, Twitter or VK. But there are not some old website menu points (for exemple, Explore (Popular) and Notifications on the own page). New website works fast and may be used in sidebar. But I think that some users like old mobile version. And maybe Google will update it too. So I ask you: What website do you want to see in the sidebar and in the window in toolbar? New desktop or old mobile version? Just vote here.
  21. This is only for MX4. ViolentMonkey for MX3 is here. Popular websites with users scripts: greasyfork.orgopenuserjs.orgmonkeyguts.comuserscripts-mirror.orgRussian guide by the example of SaveFrom.Net is here. Short but detailed English guide by the example of SaveFrom.Net is here.
  22. Translated weekend №5. Twitter Twitter for Maxthon has: mobile version of facebook in sidebar ("x" really closes window)website menu in toolbarscript for fast sharing (works via this page, but you don't need copy URL) Now extension is translated only in Russian and English. If you want to help with translation in your native language we need this: ENGLISH - RUSSIAN Twitter - Твиттер Tweet - Твиттнуть Feed (Home) - Лента (Главная) Messages - Сообщения Notifications - Уведомления Favorites (Likes) - Избранное (Понравившееся) Lists - Списки Following - Читаемые Followers - Читатели Who to follow - Близкие по духу Search - Поиск Advanced search - Расширенный поиск Settings - Настройки Information - Справка Support - Помощь About Twitter - Что за твиттер? Retweet us - Твиттнуть нас Rate and Review - Оценки и замечания I'm in Twitter - Я в твиттере Maxthon in Twitter - Maxthon в твиттере P.S. MX Skin - MX3 Modern by Yoyoako (China)
  23. Для GMail уведомлялка есть. Расширений для QA нет, и MX не даст ничего с QA сделать. Они даже контекстное меню менять не дают. Можно только заменить всю страницу QA целиком. Будет что-то вроде Symbaloo, TabsBook или New Tab Plus. Сделать такое же расширение для vhod.cc не проблема. Но кто-то должен затестить его, а единственный, кому это нужно, это ты. Так что пиши. Все будет готово за пару часов, если будет время. Это не так сложно, скорее запарно и временами бывают глючи.
  24. Translated weekend №4. Facebook Facebook for Maxthon has: mobile version of facebook in sidebar ("x" really closes window)website menu in toolbarscript for fast sharing (works via this page, but you don't need copy URL)script for fast search on facebook (works with selected text) Now extension is translated only in Russian and English. If you want to help with translation in your language we need this: ENGLISH - RUSSIAN New post - Опубликовать News feed - Лента новостей Profile - Профиль Messages - Сообщения Messanger - Мессенджер Notifications - Уведомления Friends - Друзья Games - Игры Games feed - Лента игр Events - Мероприятия On this day - В этот день Search on facebook - Найти на facebook Find friends - Найти друзей Find groups - Найти группы Suggest edits - Предложить правки Translate facebook - Переводим facebook Settings - Настройки Activity log - Журнал действий Help - Помощь Feedback - Обратная связь Like and Share - Рассказать друзьям Rate and Review - Оценки и замечания I'm in Facebook - Я в Facebook Maxthon in Facebook - Maxthon в Facebook P.S. MX Skin - Dawn by Wilser (Peru).
  25. https://plus.google.com/explore/ - is Популярное in Russian, so I call it Popular in English. I don't know what Google uses.