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  1. Hello... this version uses too much CPU.. it is heavy on my CPU and i do not like it... so.. ill stick to the older versions which run smoother on my CPU Ooooh no.. wait... this version i never tested before.. i thought it was version, ... oooh i will give this new version a test and see if it makes my CPU go crazy as well...
  2. Hello.. yeah.. no.. the version makes my CPU heat up to 69 degrees and i have a ryzen 9 5900x... so this update is just crazy.. i stick with version maybe i should downgrade to version cause 2100, 2200 and 2300 are all beta's... so... yeah... ill go and check the other ones and see if the page freezes for a few seconds and if it doesnt then ill stick to that... the latest version is just too heavy on the CPU.. not that my CPU can not handle it but i hate hearing the CPU cooler going from calm to overdrive when i open a new tab... Oooh no.. i
  3. Hello.. i have a problem.. when i use the "highlight a word" google search? The screen freezes a few seconds... how can i fix this? It is when i highlight a word and then drag it so that a new tab opens with that word in google search... it freezes for a few seconds sometimes What can i do to get rid of this?
  4. I just tested it a full day and i have not heard my cpu cooler go berserker like guts... so yeah.. it is better the before.. (i did hear it a few times but not every tab i open especially youtube tabs used to make my cpu go from 37 degrees to 65-69 degrees which is ridiculous) so yeah it is better now... i hope this can be fixed so i can use the normal desktop version and not the portable.. portable sound mobile like (phone like) and it leaves over 300 data files on my "desktop screen" while using it and after closing the browser I will now try this method to see if my cpu still goes ber
  5. What problem? And how did you fix what exactly? The problem of MX6 not opening after downgrading? Or the problem of it heating up my CPU every tab i open? And how did you fix it and by the way? What did you fix? Haha.. I dont really know exactly what you are talking about haha.. sorry bout that.. Ok... I will try it now and come back later...
  6. Is this for me? And so? After turning down hardware acceleration? Can i then downgrade the browser or will it not make my cpu go to 64-69 degrees anymore? What will happen if i turn off the hardware acceleration? Will i be able to downgrade or will the heating of my cpu not happen again?
  7. Hello... Ok.. so i ran the same problem again... i was using the version but it is just making my CPU go crazy hot to 69 degrees and my fans keep spinning like crazy every time i open a new tab so i downgraded again to the 2300 version of MX6 but now the browser will not open what can i do besides delete and reinstall? Cause the MX6 does not want to start up when i click it to open.. Why can i not downgrade from version
  8. But can i not sync them to MX5 either?
  9. Hello i got a question how can i export my maxthon 6 passwords to another browser?
  10. Hello ...Ooooh... thanks.. i will check it out now then... ( i was just testing it for 30 min and i like it i will now install the x64bit versions, thank you)
  11. Hello... i did not install version because when i did that i noticed a few changes like the home button does not open a new tab and also when i went to re-install or any version? The browser would not open again so i couldnt do anything cause the browser will not open so i have to delete MX6 completely and re-install all my extensions and i dont like that so i keep version because the version is like a hard-install it doesnt allow me to downgrade to the earlier versions without deleting the entire MX6 from my pc
  12. Yes it only keeps my history of 5 days... and so history of 6 days ago it doesnt keep which is weird.. i want all my history no matter what happens i do not delete it.. at least not manually...
  13. Hello.. good day... oooh wow.. great... i dont mean to be rude or impose things so i just put suggestions... oke? In no way am i imposing or demanding anything.. all of this is just options to add.. options seem to make it fun to tweak your browser or spend at least a minimum of 3 min in the settings just reading upon what the browser can do etc. so yeah.. here goes... these are from a slimbrowser which is a firefox clone... so yeah i dont even know if it is possible to add them into a chrome type browser but i can try right? Haha... And here are the optio
  14. I was hoping to see more options in the settings wherewith you can tweak your browser to how you exactly want? I dont mean to be rude cause it might be considered disrespectful a bit that i suggest other browsers their settings but have yall looked at slimbrowser settings? But since this is a chrome based browser (you already copied google chrome) so i suggest you copy other browsers their settings also Or just add the normal settings of google chrome itself... i would love to see more settings/options in MX6 Google chrome settings/options has grown since the beginning of
  15. Hello... why is there not a "delete" option to click in the right click menu? Can it not be done or something? Is it not possible or something? Cause i see in chrome and edge they also refuse to put it as if it is not needed.. i actually like it.. can you not put it in? Is it hard to put in? I hope you guys at MX6 know that this browser is supposed to be a Maxthon browser... i like the chrome idea but maxthon options would be better... a "scroll bar" so i can scroll through my favourites would also be nice... (Maybe yall should check the beautiful "settings screen" of slim browser.. it was fir
  16. After a lot of tinkering around i found out why my google search was freezing for the few first seconds ... yall changed this in the default search engine "manage engine" if you change it to "www.google.com.hk" i get chinese if you make it longer then it is needed for me to run smooth it will make my MX6 freeze every time i use google search "open drag text in new tab" when i use this with your default configuration then my MX6 freezes for a while.. maybe 5-6 seconds which is a life time in the internet world So i changed that back to the one i had before which is "https://www.google.com/
  17. Hello i have a question.. when i want to downgrade my browser from "Version6.1.1.500(64-bit" it doesnt start up the entire MX6 will stop working and is in the background apps on but i cant get it to work... i want to go back to 2200 to test something to see if it is the browser or something else...
  18. It was an extension i will now turn if off and see for a day if i do not get that virus detect anymore.. the other person gave me a hint and when i turned of that google extension the virus detect was gone.. now i will see for a whole day.. and i installed of AVAST... file shield, web shield, mail shield, ransomware shield, browser cleanup, do not disturb mode...
  19. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH AAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA, SNAAAAAP.... HAHAHAHHAA. YES it WAAAAS an extension hahahaha.. aaaaaw man.. i can STAAAAAAAAAAAAY on MX6 HAHAHAHA.. i was already looking for a new browser cause it was driving me craaazy.. every google search i did i get that DING DING DING DING.. very loud and it was sooooo irritating ooooh man.... am I LUCKY i asked here about it... thank you for clearing that up.. haha... well? im back to using MX6 with a breeze and ease.. .hahaha.. thank you... good day... It fixed the google search virus detect and the media market infini
  20. (i am not screaming when i put an individual word in all caps, i am merely putting focus on that particular word, nor am i angry) Hello can some one help me with this VIRUS in MX6 when i use google with MX6 i get a VIRUS THREATH BLOCK but when i use another browser in this case "comodo dragon browser" and also chrome but i didnt use that in this video cause it is the same result.. and also opera and slimjet and edge and firefox and even IE.. i can just use google without some weird virus popping up.. this makes MX6 useless for me and it is messed up cause i have been faithfully using Maxt
  21. Hello can i ask something? I keep getting a virus pop up when i use google with MX6 but with other browsers i do not get this.. this is going on for i think 2 weeks now.. i thought i had a bad URL somewhere in my favorites in my browser... so i didnt say anything but then i found out that when i use the other browsers to do google searches i do not get a virus pop up from my AVAST and this never happened before Can you maybe help me why i am getting a virus detect every time i use MX6? It says "servscript.de" threat blocked and it only happens when i use google in MX6 cause if i go t
  22. I just installed the version you told me to and i have the same issue media_markt.avi
  23. Hello.. i have another error i found.. when i go to this site i can not go to page 2 .... if you try and go to page number 2 to see more items to buy then it will keep on loading for ever https://www.mediamarkt.nl/nl/category/_computer-onderdelen-482711.html this glitch is in all MX6 versions i didnt say anything cause i just use another browser to browser stores cause sometimes MX6 glitches in online stores and i dont want anything to mess up...
  24. Hello.. can i ask something? Can you put this feature in MX6... it was already in MX4 and MX5 so can you now put it in MX6? It is called a "search box" I want to help make MX6 better cause now? slimjet and opera are running smooth on a 100% and with 0% issues... MX6 has issues cause it is a beta and a self made browser not backed up by millionaires (or at least a company that has millions or billions of dollars) but rather a few people that just want to make a browser or so i think.. im not sure who or what is behind Maxthon but i dont think billionaires are behind the scenes... or are there?