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  1. Original Replier: ody also see here : http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/15747-adblock-plus-super-quick-list-subscription/
  2. Original Creator:Zootopia3000 Is there a way to add one more list to AdBlock? I don't see a way offhand manually with this browser. I always prefer to have Fanboy's Annoyances list complimenting Easylist. I just can't stand all that social networking gadgetry that so litters webpages nowadays.
  3. Original Replier:SnowLeopard Fpr Google, since they went to a two-page login scheme, I have TWO Magic Fill entries fofr Google. One saves the UserName the other saves the password. They do work together whenever I log onto Google. I hope I'm understanding and addressing the right problem for you. The MagicFill entries are not cookies. That's why I'm adding this comment. One further thought, when you have typed the user name right click on the username field and save your eentry to MagicFill which should appear as one of the entries in the context menu. Then on the next screen do the same after you've entered your password. And, if you later change your password, repeat the procedss to save the change.
  4. Original Creator:munkitkat Could you guys auto save the changed password for Google....it seems that I can't get that in my Magic Fill setting under saved passwords....please fix the magic fill setting by including Google please.
  5. Open http://coursework.wsistudents.com/lms/Bubble.aspx And login Maxthon will show like this It should show like this:
  6. Hi, good news~ This bug is already fixed in V4.9.2.500. you can ungrade it and have a try.
  7. Original Creator: Slec Hi All, When the user decides to use the command Ctrl+Shift+Del to clear the browsing data on this version, Portable Installation, it crashs when pushed the button "Clear now", conflicting some modules old version modules of revision. Hope you can fix it for new revision. Thanks in advance, BR
  8. Original Replier:BugSir007 Hi kadosh, If i'm not wrong, i think you are asking for the "Split screen" function. Unfortunately this function is not available in current branch of Mx4.9.
  9. Original Creator:Kadosh Hi guys! Where is the function side by side window on maxthon ? ty ! Sorry my English ;)
  10. Original Replier:ody this used to happen on google when you (your browser) sent too many requests but I thought this issue had been fixed I'm not sure what the workaround was but : try to install the latest version you may uncheck "enable auto completion" also make sure that "google search" is not your default search engine
  11. Original Creator:moonjester Just wondering why I keep getting this message (above). I just turned on my computer this morning, surfed a couple of pages then this appeared. It happens almost daily & gets a bit tiring after awhile. Does anyone else have this happen to them? Thanks for any input. http://
  12. The download manager may be added in the quick bar again later~ Now you can use the button of download manager in the left sidebar. It's also quick~ Very happy you like it
  13. Original Creator:THRASHER69 I finally started using the Beta version and Its much better than but just like before the Download Manager doesnt always open and run,it does sometimes if I update flash or shockwave but thats about it,thats the reason I went back to when the first Beta release came out,and why is the Download Manager hidden in Settings now and not near the Quick Tools like before ? lol Ole' reliable Maxthon is really putting out some shotty and sloppy releases with these Betas having so many bugs and glitches
  14. Until now, we have not yet provide the "auto-suggests to translate" feature like Chromium. I am so sorry for this. I already transfered your suggestion to our product department. Thanks you help us to improve our browser. For manual traslation, we just tried it. The google traslation have some problem now. you could select baidu traslation. It can work well.^-^
  15. Original Creator: AndroidDeveloperLB When going to this website: http://www.svetandroida.cz/sync-me-facebook-201603 Maxthon doesn't offer to translate it, and when I do it manually using the button on the toolbar, it fails. Trying on Chromium, it shows a small popup that asks me if I want to translate to english, and then it really shows the translated page. Please do like on Chromium. I'd still prefer to be able to translate to a language of my choice, and not force the translation to be automatic. It could at least have settings for it. I've also suggested in the past, that clicking on the "translate" button would work according to the context: if nothing is selected, translate whole page. If a text is selected, translate the text itself.
  16. Original Replier:SnowLeopard The problem is in EasyList rules. I have removed EasyList and added Wilser's Super Quick List subscription located here http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/15747-adblock-plus-super-quick-list-subscription/&do=findComment&comment=85505 With this adblock list the page workw normally autoomatically adding more as I scroll. I don't know what rule causes the problem., But with SQList I don't worry about it
  17. Original Creator: joemax AB+ prevents the automatic(and even manual) loading of "Load More" on this page: http://uploadvr.com/microsoft-patent-hints-at-potential-vr-features-for-hololens/ With AB+ disabled, the page is automatically loaded simply by scrolling.
  18. Hello, Many. It has been fixed now~ please have a try. happy you like Maxthon. Thanks for your support and feedback~
  19. Original Creator: Many Hello, I want to ask why the new forum Release Notes - Suite 4.9 doesn't have a RSS feed, but for Suite 4.4 it exists. Could you do something to arrange it? Thank You
  20. Original Replier:m△gg Hi there. Could you tell us which Maxthon version do you use? In new branch 4.9 this feature is removed from Maxthon.
  21. Original Creator: TylerC Yeah, I know it sounds exactly like an old thread, but this is slightly different. I don't have that "arrow" that let me select the connection, therefore it's not the same problem. So, is there a way to fix the download/upload speed indicator ?
  22. Original Replier: ody if you're using maxthon 4.9.x... then it's not a bug, this feature is (temporarily ?) removed.
  23. Original Creator: Nikocchi Can't find the option to pin the sidebar to desktop pls help. Is there something that i have done? Or that feature is already removed? I wanted to pin the sidebar to desktop so i can use the extension apps without having to open the browser, Thanks in advance untitled.bmp
  24. Original Replier: ody you can change your default encoding in settings :
  25. Original Creator: sax61 Hi, I’d like to know if I could reset options saved in passport. This would let me reset default options of encodings (once I’v choosen an encoding it seems to stay saved forever) I’ve tried to eliminate “config.dat” “config.ini” “SyncConfig.dat” files in user/config folder, but, following synchronization, the default state is again modified. I attach some images to show default options and options after synchronization. Thank you.