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    Could you guys auto save the changed password for Google....it seems that I can't get that in my Magic Fill setting under saved passwords....please fix the magic fill setting by including Google please.

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    Original Replier:SnowLeopard


    Fpr Google, since they went to a two-page login scheme, I have TWO Magic Fill entries fofr Google.  One saves the UserName the other saves the password.  They do work together whenever I log onto Google.

    I hope I'm understanding and addressing the right problem for you.  The MagicFill entries are not cookies.  That's why I'm adding this comment.

    One further thought, when you have typed the user name right click on the username field and save your eentry to MagicFill  which should appear as one of the entries in the context menu.  Then on the next screen do the same after you've entered your password.  And, if you later change your password, repeat the procedss to save the change.

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