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  1. Just Change your UA to Firefox or Chrome (Work on any Windows Edition). Tested! ! !
  2. Muroko

    QA mod

    With this Mod, you are making Maxthon my No1 preferred Browser. Thank you!
  3. Muroko

    QA mod

    SnowLeopard replied at 2013-8-29 05:07 The update will overwrite all files that are included in the update. So the mod would have to be ... Thank you, this is what I was thinking too. I hope for the next Mx4 version Releases that Maxthon Team imply this feature to the Quick Acces.
  4. Muroko

    QA mod

    Ok! this is a very nice mod - but I was wondering if installed and then I update Mx4 to the latest release version, will it get removed? or can it stay permanent when updating Mx4? Thanks!