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  1. Thank you for the update! I've tried new version and I see that problem has stayed. Every time when I press button "Open All" after start the browser I see all tabs in reverse order. I expect to see all tabs in the same order as in my previous browser session! I always use the setting "New tabs position" = "To the right of all tabs" I forced to go back to the previous version Please fix it.
  2. I've checked. This problem is reproduced in version :(
  3. Hi! Please check your settings and set as below: And then your last session will be open as it showed in video below: Every time the last session is opened in reverse order. It is very uncomfortable! Please fix it.
  4. Hi team! I've updated Maxthon to version and the problem has raised again. Last session in reverse order again . Please fix it as in previous version. I forced to go back to the previous version
  5. Hello team, In russian localization, menu tab has a cropped objects. 0 ver Screen shot below:
  6. Hi there! I tried new mx5 version . The problem is away. It's great)
  7. Hi, I use Maxthon browser ~15 years. However mx5 has problem (last session in reverse order) which critical for me and so I use mx 4.8 so far:(