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  1. I got you this time the middle click on mouse. Now I am same situation with you when open the new tab.. I am sending this to our develop-team to check. Please wait in patient
  2. Hello zork Thanks for your report! I can rep-produce this issue here. This issue confirmed as a bug.
  3. Can't re-produce here. Perhaps it is caused by lagging occurred on website. Is it appear every time or randomly? It would be helpful if you can take a video of this issue.
  4. This issue is important to us and have you updated to the latest version(V5.1.2.1000) and still exist this issue? If it is, please tell me your country info.
  5. Bug: can't reply on website "mindorks.com"

    Oh oh I made a tested on V5.1.2.1000. It's exactly not fixed on newest version. Please change the UA to chrome before this bug fixed. Sorry for that.
  6. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website http://www.maxthon.com/ Happy browser and leave your comment! Maxthon Team
  7.         V

    This update fixed the following issues: Local video player supports keyboard shortcuts to control play status. Fixed the issue of the upper right corner close button being blocked under window status in special cases. Fixed the issue of the desktop will appear address bar when locking the browser through shortcuts key under special cases. Fixed the issue of the two addons can be expanded at the same time on the sidebar. Fixed the issue of can’t publish content on Sina Weibo addon. Fixed the issue of spotify webpage’s wrong notification of “not support the Web Player” Fixed the issue of can’t make a comment on mindorks website. Fixed the issue of Passkeeper’s exception website list did not remove duplicate matters after importing the data automatically. Fixed the issue of progress will be roll back when downloading some files. Fixed the issue of can’t open hxxp://h**taila.com/ Fixed the issue of external tools can’t be displayed in toolbar’s original place after restarting the browser.
  8. QR code

    Thanks for report this issue to us! Sorry for the inconvenience that the QR issue may bring to all of you.. About this matter, the relevant product manager has already known the situation. The part will be optimized in future. I mean, the exact time is uncertain. But it has been included in the plan.
  9. Facebook problem with Maxthon

    Hello Macsterling I tested on my Facebook, it work fine.. Could you please send me your MX Version? You can find it in Menu-about. Also please tell me more detail of the freezing page. Some screenshots will be helpful.
  10. Maxnote issues!

    You mean here or sidebar? Here we can't resize it. On sidebar we can resize it. Menu-view-sidebar-Maxnote..
  11. Bug: can't reply on website "mindorks.com"

    Fixed. Please check!
  12. The new UA pushed yesterday, and I have just tested, the music plays with Maxthon UA in ultra mode. Please try to back up the data and re-log in your account. 1)Win+R,and input %appdata%, find the Maxthon5 folder. 2) Re-name the Maxthon5 folder 3)Re-log in the MX account Does it work?
  13. Spotify has been pushed UA online, It should be back to normal, please test and give feedback~ And don't forget to restart the browser before test~
  14. Maxnote issues!

    Hi Atavus We are very grateful for your feedback on using experience. With your feedback we can improve our product. (1) "drag' bookmarks from one folder to another. This feature has been removed on MX5. I have send your suggestion to our product manager and they will think about this issue. (2)tiny 2 columns. Here I can drag the frame to extend the bookmark size.