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  1. Persistent 'loading page' circle

    Maybe it's not completely load? Did this appear on previous version or it happened after upgrade?
  2. There was a period of time the server went wrong caused "no network connection", and I think it should be solve now.
  3. Thank you @pantantrollo @7twenty! The steps are really clear. Has report to test team, and will give further support to this issue.
  4. Here we will have a further test, please wait in patient
  5. Hey Maxers, Welcome to have a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website http://www.maxthon.com/ Happy browsing and feel free leave your comment!
  6.         V

    This update fixed the following issues: -Fixed the issue of some websites stucked because of adblock filtering rules -Fixed the issue of switch core available in new tab under special cases -Fixed the issue of auto-fill enabled on retro mode under special cases -Fixed the issue of can't copy and paste picture on Maxnote -Fixed the issue of there are no responses after changing and saving the article width in read mode under special cases -Fixed the issue of the favorites became disordered after importing html under special cases -Fixed the issue of some favorite icons displayed abnormal under certain resolutions in Win10 system -Fixed the issue of error display when opening favorites bar with Ctrl+B
  7. Can't make a judgement on this video. Try to update the and see whether this issue solve or not
  8. local html files- Is the file download from website? What are your versions that can't open the shortcut? Maybe someone kindly can provide us a video Here I can open download html file or right click send to "desktop shortcut" also it works with V
  9. Invalid Certificate

    I am using the newest version and can enter it without pop-up certificate reminder It's abnormal when popping up "Invalid certificate ", and I guess will not have plan add "Don't show this" on the pop-up box. What's your specific version number 5.1.xxx? Have you tried to update to newest version?
  10. Passkeeper security issue

    Hi Everyone Entered password to access your Passkeeper account, If it is more than 15 minutes from the last “operation” in the time of entry, then the password is required again. That's the product logic(SnowLeopard said right, it not relate with Last Session, it just relate with time) It is to prevent users from entering passwords many times in period of time, If you have higher security requirements, you can "exit" Passkeeper feature everytime you left the page
  11. Interface error: Could you please message me your account info and pw, here we can check the data
  12. Sorry for the trouble and where you post to Maxthon crew, I didn't receive your feedback here before. As for FB issue, thanks for Larry's answer at first, and please kindly wait for the new core version
  13. Sorry, due to we need release Maxhton Mining, the new core version will be delayed. Hope this can get your understand.
  14. Sync Error Desktop PC

    What happened after you click "Sync" button? Any error reminder pop-up?
  15. Has marked as suggestion and will notice if others users give feedback on this issue Now I am using the newest internal version and I tested this issue several times on this new version. It doesn't appear again(I can reproduce occasionally on previous version) So I guess it might be solve in new version. Kindly wait for the V5.1.5.3000 and if the problem still appear you can reply me here. Much appreciate!