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  1. Sorry that I don't read Russian well, so could @A.S. please help?
  2. tannurealty.com not working in Retro mode

    Please tick this option from settings-advanced-browsing
  3. Open multiple links in new tab

    Thx for the addon Rob, have you uploaded the addon to the extension center?
  4. Hi Rob, these two bugs have been fixed in version, please have a check. Will change the content later.
  5. MX5.0.2.1600 proxy issue on IE mode

    OK, I'll need some help here according to this issue. Please, could our mods offer me some help here to help understand and give a possible solution? @-ody- @magg @7twenty @No.1MaxthonFan @Tony
  6. MX5 cannot import MX4.9.4 user data

    thanks for sharing, detailed and useful!
  7. хороший день, не могли бы вы воспроизвести проблему каждый раз? А какие есть варианты? Не могли бы вы дать мне скриншот этого?
  8. New tabs issues

    Hi there, are you referring to this issue you reported on MX4?
  9. Any new Mac App Store version?

    Hi there, thanks for your trust on Maxthon. The official release of Mac version is expected to be launched on App Store at the end of Feb. or the beginning of March, our developers are still programming and testing the quick access part. So it may come soon. While before the official version, we'll also release a beta version on Maxthon official site within a week from now. At that time, there will be an announcement here in the forum. So please stay tuned and thanks for the waiting and asking
  10. Hi guys, We confirmed a "missing scroll bar" bug on latest Maxthon5 version, Thanks go to @Atavus and many others for reporting it. The following sites are the confirmed ones: Google Sheet https://www.csgolive.com/faq If you have any more, please don't hesitate to leave a comment with the site URL under. So that our developers can fix it quickly with a full list. Thank you all
  11. Bug: double click on a word selects a space character after it

    Yes G, just saw the "donate" button and had a misunderstanding.
  12. Page is Crashing in MX5

    BTW, please post problems concerned with MX5 here: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/forum/95-mx5-discussion/
  13. MX5 PC release

    I'm afraid you are right. And why related to Maxnote? It's a statistic site for operators to monitor and analyze the daily UV, UP etc. Have deleted the code so you won't see it anymore. It keeps like this no matter what you changed here?
  14. MX5 cannot import MX4.9.4 user data

    All MX5 versions have the three features. Don't panic, you can find them by click your avatar in the upper left corner.
  15. Hi there, the problem you reported here has been confirmed as a bug by our testers and will be fixed by our developers soon!