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  1. MX5 PC Beta release

    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website http://www.maxthon.com/mx5/beta/ Happy browser and leave your comment!
  2.         V

    + Updated the language files of international version - Tab disappeared after opening split screen - The Russian URL wrongly displayed on the address bar - The address bar searched the URL “van.ke” as a word - The download manager exited automatically when downloading files - The browser couldn’t open the URL or file directly after closing abnormally - The browser closed accidentally after dragging URL on the Twitter page - The Spell Check couldn’t work instantly after switching languages - Couldn’t open the webpage by right-clicking on URL after searching by Google in retro mode - The extensions couldn’t move with the window after switching to night mode and restoring the window
  3. Missing bookmarks

    I sent an email to atanas_ganeff@hotmail.com, could you receive it?
  4. Missing bookmarks

    Finished. Please try to restart the browser. ;)
  5. Missing bookmarks

    Hello, Can we try to restore the data now? Did you backup the data?
  6. Missing bookmarks

    Hi SirNasso, OK. The server team can try to help you restore the favorites. 1. Close your browser. 2. Please press "Win+R" to enter "%appdata%", press "Enter", find the folder "Maxthon5">"Users">"your browser account">"Molebox", rename the "Molebox" to "Molebox1". 3. Don't launch the browser before restoring. Please let me know if you are ready.
  7. Missing bookmarks

    Hi SirNasso, Sorry for the delay. Checked this issue with the server team, found you deleted favorites and cleared "Trash" on 9.27, could you send me a message via private message? I can send the log to you. Now I recommend you to check the "Trash" again, if the Trash is empty, we can try to help you restore them.
  8. Maxthon magically loosing passwords

    Hi EddyFicio, Please backup your local data, send your browser account and UID to me. To check the UID, you can log in my.maxthon.com. Local data: Press "Win+R" to enter "%appdata%" then press "Enter", to find the folder "Maxthon5".
  9. Hi CorbanWolf, I don't have the account for testing... You can try to right-click the password box to save the password manually.
  10. print issue

    Hi observer, Can you reproduce this issue in the latest beta?
  11. I have sent the dll to you via private message.
  12. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Hi zork, It has been reported as a bug.
  13. this happens every time

    Copy the file and save it. You can find the file according to the path.
  14. this happens every time

    Hi nufc, Back-up that file then delete it.
  15. Hi Kilmatar, I will send debug dll to you next week.