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  1. MX for Android crash a lot

    Can you find this 'MxBrowserLogCat.txt' file in your phone? It might be appear in install list if the crash appeared. Please send this file to me and I will give it to our test-team. Thanks a lot!
  2. Problem with a website

    You can check Maxthon Settings-Advanced-Others-Customize UserAgent string. It should be untick status. Umm..if it still doesn't work, please try our beta version here: http://www.maxthon.com/mx5/beta/
  3. Problem with a website

    Are you logging in your account or in guest mode? Have you tried guest mode to open that link?
  4. Passport not signing in

    Exactly, our team make adjustment for background in that period of time.. it should be regular now.
  5. Problem with a website

    When this issue started? have you installed any plug-in? Try to clear cache with Ctrl+Shift+Delete, then refresh that page(Ctrl+F5) to check if it's become normal.
  6. Problem with a website

    Cicoz I've entered this page, the articles and pics shown under the big image. It's ok here
  7. Disappeared search-bar

    Melina Please provide me the version of MX browser, you can find it in settings~
  8. White "flash" when switching tabs

    I can reproduce this issue on my MX5 browser, and I've tried the same thing on Chrome, the result is same. oh Seems that's a common issue Developer told me that's quite normal issue, simply speaking~ The browser is "recycling tabs"(when there exist too much tabs). The browser need to recycling these tabs to release more storage, or it will become very very slow... During this process, the flash of white screen may appear. I understand it's annoying if the flash of white always shown on screen.. Maybe open less tabs can avoid that problem.
  9. Session management problem

    Don't worry about that. In fact I just have a little misunderstanding of 7twenty's question. And we will try to improve this issue that 7twenty just mentioned.
  10. Session management problem

    7twenty This time I completely understand what you mean.. As you said, the 10 tabs should shown in the last visit page(if we remain the 2 tabs window open). it should be, but it didn't. That's really a good and considerable question! I think MX5 should make better user experience from details. I've discussed with our product-team, and they will do some research about this issue, They'll try best to get it done as soon as possible!
  11. Hi Maxer Android users, MX5 for Android released a brand new beta version today! V Click here to see the release note here, Happy browsing! Any feedback on this version is welcome to comment on this thread!
  12.         V

    ChangeLog - Passkeeper supports message verification function (work on the desktop version of the browser) - Users can switch on or off to receive news alert - Make adjustment for country range in news module
  13. How to delete UUmail address?

    Hi Pablo You mean the shadow mail? There is an on-off switch for each shadow mail. When you choose off, your real mailbox will receive none of the mails received by the shadow mail. But, the shadow mail address can't be delete.
  14. Session management problem

    Mm..I am not sure whether my understanding is right. 7twenty first closed 10 tabs window and next cloesed 2 tabs window. And restart using the mx://last-visit/ page only the 2 tab window sites are shown. I mean.. his last operation should be [closed 2 tabs window] ..so the tab shown on page should be '2tabs window'