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  1. Maxnote not syncing

    These are isolated cases, not happened on everyone, if it can reproduce every time, the only way is to ask developer to check via remote~ You can send me your teamviewer account and password, then we can date a time to remote.
  2. Sorting favorites

    We marked your feedback, and this will be considerate carefully by product team. Now you can sort them by drag these bookmarks to its position.
  3. Try to re-download from LivesOne official website(do not download from any other channel like google play) https://lives.one/lives/mining Open that link on your phone and click download. It should be work fine if you download from official website directly(need not install any extension)
  4. My Favorites

    What's your current version? Please check via Menu-About. Not happened on V5.1.6.3000
  5. Maxnote not syncing

    Have you tried the latest one V5.1.6.3000?
  6. Sorting favorites

    This sort feature is only for control background(Maxnote), but the favorite list is belong to foreground data. They are different. Background just equivalent of management libraries. Foreground can only change the position by drag the bookmarks manually~
  7. Passkeeper - network error

    The password will be required on different clients, if you log in Passkeeper on PC version at the same time you try to log in Passkeeper on IOS version, it will require the pw again.
  8. Why it can't work? Have you download the browser client on LivesOne official website? https://lives.one/lives/mining there's QR code in page, did you download it via scan QR code?
  9. Hello~ Please try to open this page https://app.lives.one/plugin/ and there will pop-up a reminder ask you download extension if you don't have Mining Go extension on client. Just give a try~
  10. MX5 PC official Release

    https://trello.com/b/ofOaTdxE/mx5-pc-public Tony, we had made arrangements for core update in next plan stage. The core update was exactly postponed because of some reasons and thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. Will have further test please wait
  11. what the hell is this

    @echoplex Sorry I know this inconvenienced you. This is for new tab introductory page. If you don't want to see the introductory pages again after reading the introduction, you can click that "x" on the top of right. But the logic of this picture is: It will appear again if you re-install Maxthon browser.
  12. Hey Maxers, Welcome to have a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website http://www.maxthon.com/ Happy browsing and feel free leave your comment!
  13.         V

    This update fixed the following issues: *Fixed the issue of the selected status not correct on drop down list which in note edition page route *Fixed the issue of new note is in wrong place after switching the catalog in note edition page *Fixed the issue of favorites became disordered after import the favorites from Maxnote *Fixed the issue of browser won't start automatically if users select install abp extension during installation process
  14. Passkeeper Organization

    I guess you can manually save the account information here, this is is used for storing accounts and passwords which can't be auto saved by the browser. Also, maybe there some website just need save the Title or account, you can keep empty the pw area Some website has been special processed, so there some websites will appear the issue that you mentioned. Or just like Leopard said if the account and pw list in two different page, will happened the situation which you mentioned- account does not appear in Passkeeper.
  15. i love maxthon but...

    About 1-2 month~ Now our staff are doing internal test and it has make a preliminary package. Kindly wait the internal test version in early access section~