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  1. MX address and icons bars

    Doesn't the icon in the toolbar on version does the same thing as in MX4?
  2. Or send us the crash data for our developer to have a check
  3. Calculators on sites

    checked on Chrome, the "comment" part is loading slowly on my side (could be my network issue), others are the same as on Chrome. So are you referring to the comment part?
  4. Sorry that I cannot reproduce and guess that I may not understand this sentence correctly. Is this just click the tab so to change the focus to another tab? I can do that on both maximized and snapped Maxthon.
  5. haha strange things happen sometimes and we are always unable to find the reason why.
  6. hey there, which version are you using? I just tried with version, no problem here.
  7. Facebook voice and video call cannot be used?

    Thanks for the report, we've confirmed it as a bug, and our developer will soon push a new UA to this site to solve this issue. Will let you know once it's pushed. the thumbnail uploading?
  8. Maxton a starsza wersja flash playera

    @PHYR @Galileusz could you help this newcomer with his question? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello

    Hi Rafiki, welcome joining and thanks for encouraging! You can post your request here in this section: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/forum/110-mx5/
  10. Netflix not working

    That's ok. If there is anybody else reporting this issue, I'll ask them whether if it's possible,
  11. Maxthon V5.0.5.3031

    Wow, that's quite a thing to be displayed in a museum What kind of mobile do you use?
  12. I download it in the right format, cannot reproduce, so strange
  13. they pushed the new UA yesterday, so it may alive now, and I checked again just now, you don't have to change UA manually. (I was using portable version, but that may not matter with this issue) Does a refresh help?