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  1. MX5 PC Beta release

    Thank you for your feedback. Activate the bug.
  2. Browser window changes size

    Could you please send your timezone to me via private message?
  3. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    It has been reported as a bug. Will urge dev team. Reported as a request.
  4. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    Hi marillo, This issue has been resolved since v5.2.3.1000.
  5. Browser window changes size

    Hi Kilmatar, Can we troubleshoot via TeamViewer?
  6. History not loading.

    Hi ligoten, If you still experience the issue please send a private message to me. I will send a dll file to you for checking log.
  7. History not loading.

    Hello, Please try to use the latest beta v5.2.5.400.
  8. cannot view pdf files

    Hello, Did you enable the "allow all sites to run plugins"?
  9. Thank you for your feedback. I reported to the dev team and reopened the bug.
  10. MX5 PC Beta release

    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website http://www.maxthon.com/mx5/beta/ Happy browser and leave your comment!
  11.         V

    - Optimized the displayed style of translation dialog box - Fixed the issue that crash in the rare case - Fixed the issue that the text could not be selected in translation dialog box - Fixed the issue that the international version displayed Chinese words “image failed to load”
  12. Cant access to passkeeper

    Can we troubleshoot via TeamViewer?
  13. Lock maxhon !

    Hello, to customize it, you can go to gestures and shortcuts.