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  1. Hi both, sorry for the trouble, and could you tell me some of the site (URL) which you lost the icon with a screenshot? If "hot" icon is not available, you could try the other two "screenshot" and "color block"
  2. Reader mode first run info bubbles

    You mean that the two icons yellow boxed below also need to be highlighted?
  3. Hi all, Maxthon released a new Quick Access yesterday, and you will see the moving cloud as the new GIF background (you can change it to any others). And please try what karajan suggested.
  4. MX5 Mac beta release

    Already under developing now
  5. Maxthon 5

    Please tell us more.
  6. Minimal Max5 Windows Size .

    I think it could be a new feature. Will confirm with product manager and update you with more detailed info.
  7. Hello

  8. Entry to the new level

    Welcome, Luxio! You are great!
  9. Hi there, thanks for joining Maxthon community. This is the Roboform extension for Maxthon, you can add the extension after you installed Maxthon. http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=2248&category_id= BTW, Passkeeper is an inbuilt feature in Maxthon5, which is a good alternative to the one you're using, and Passkeeper has the same functions as Roboform. You are so welcome to have a try if you're interested.
  10. Hello

    Hi quiet, welcome! So what language do you speak? There are four language sections here in the forum, including Turkish, Polish, Russian and Spanish.
  11. Problem with userscript on ViolentMonkey plugin.

    I'll check this with our developer. So :root (css). is a kind of HTML format selector? But I doubt that Maxthon will change at this point just to support one theme from an extension. So if there is any alternative to the extension or the theme, I hight suggest you change the extension.
  12. Hello

    Hi there, thanks for joining. Here's the changelog you were looking for: And in these two sections, you can find the older versions. http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes5/ http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes4.9/
  13. also no issue here with default UA, ultra mode.
  14. Twitch.tv

    I tried both modes, and still cannot play the live stream, I'll let our testers have a check of the compatibility.