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  1. If I set MX5 as the default browser, then click on the html file, then open via MX. Strange, although I otherwise the biggest CRYER in the MX 5 error, everything works for me. I also save my bookmarks to disk, so that I can reach them with main browser because most browsers now take a long time to import bookmarks, at 6000 files..
  2. I've found that if I uninstall "clean" (So uninstall all user settings), then I'll clean up with a registry cleaner and then reinstall everything will work properly again. Maxthon updates itself when you have logged in.
  3. New UI is pure sh*t

    It's the same as the 4's: I used "V4.9.2.600" for a very long time, because everything still worked the way it should. The same now with " V": I do not use the block graphic anyway. For me it is important: list view in alphabetical order. And that you can move with click a whole series of bookmarks is great in the "old" version. Everything else is just bauble.
  4. MX5 is no good to me It's really powerfull.
  5. He has a very good adblog that you can set. and "untitled" what should it mean? Already: seeing my Most Favorites makes it a mighty browser. OK, Vivaldi has something like that to some extent, but the Vivaldi is personally too cluttered for me. MX5 is easy and quick to handle.
  6. He starts (with me) a bit slow but he imports 5000 bookmarks frantically. He seems to sort correctly. The design is convincing too. I almost feel like he's done. .... and he dosn't share Twitter Hoppla. But now it works right (except that he still does not sort the bookmarks even on the bookmarks bar (But why should you still need that today?), if you sort them into Maxnote) However, the general advantages outweigh this little flaw)
  7. new

    If you download the New Maxthon MX5, there are default bookmarks, where much is already explained. Look at this site,too, with a lot of Tricks (for example, and if you have special questions you can also write on fauth.rainer(at) I will give you help. Of course the friends in the forum are also there for you.
  8. Hide extensions in the tab bar

    That's strange, because that's what I've tested with me and it works. If I read in the forum so, at the most issus, everything works for me. OK, he's slow at QA from time to time. But I just want to be patient with him. He can already do a lot with Maxnote. The Maxthon has its own soul. Sometimes he is stubborn.
  9. Hide extensions in the tab bar

    Right-Mouse-Click on Extension and the Click on "Hide"
  10. Mx_5.1.4.800 - 2100

    Actually, you do not even need the bookmarks bar anymore.
  11. 4 versions now already after 800 and still does not work the alphabetical order. That is, if I sort in Maxnote by title that has no effect on the bookmark bar. But it is discussed for days, where you can see his face in the browser. Friends, I have now found the UC Browser for Desktop as well. That's the way Maxthon5 could have been. It does not always have to be Vivaldi. Vivaldi already has his problems now. And if you say that there in the forum, you'll get just as stupid answers or none as here. At UC, the forum is just like this. Even if you want to uninstall everything is like Maxthon, only in other colors. But UC Browser: You can delete the old bookmarks before importing the new ones, like MX4 did. And UC does not import anything twice. That's not the case with MX5. Since you can not create double bookmarks, but you can import as many as you want. So why annoy me again and again with Maxthon? I'm really sorry for him now.
  12. Mx_5.1.4.800 - 2100

    658/5000 Here I talk to people who have never seen a browser: At the top is the bookmark bar, you can also select which folder from Maxnote you would like to set as a bookmarks bar. Maybe someone here knows the Maxthon Browser, maybe. Maxnote, that's the deeper bookmark organization, there you can sort, most of the time you work with the bookmark bar, why should you stand there, what you want to see. So again with UC Browser, that can do it all. Looks like Maxthon 5 and the Android version works flawlessly. I just hoped that now the release can do it all, but nothing again.
  13. Mx_5.1.4.800 - 2100

    V And now this version has made it to the full version and still does not book the BookmarkBar with, if it is Maxnote does. I've always apologized to the browser, it's a beta. But now he's done and jerking on startup, he hangs up while choosing which folder to be Favorite Bar and he still does not sort.
  14. It's a whole other surfing now: Everything is switched off: Favorites Bar, Sidebar, Search Box. Browser life seems to be an experience without a browser: light and airy. The browser steps discreetly into the background.
  15. And then you have to keep in mind: 2400 is a beta. If something does not work, as an example. also with the QA: Browser restart or go with the function "uninstall" on repair.
  16. I realized that I no longer need the classic bookmark bar. In MyFile I can sort out how I want it. I can show my favorites via the star icon. The 2400 also changes my favorite memory behavior.
  17. what the hell is this

    One can take this for one's own homepage or tie up on Twitter profile or other social networks to make advertising for MX5. It will take some time, but if you click x in the top right then it will stay away.
  18. Mx_5.1.4.800 - 2100

    It works in Maxnote (in pictures or as a list) but it does not translate to the displayed Bookmarks Bar. 269/5000 I'll admit that Maxthon Team has to do it all alone, everything they've achieved and sort out UC Browser only works with Chrome extensions. The difference between UC and MX: MX is like Vivaldi: highlight favorites, no other browser does.
  19. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    It is at the right side under the 3 Lines .
  20. mx QA

    I have hidden the search box because I use multisearch. But QA folder can only be opened after several clicks. Also, edit or delete individual links on qa only with several clicks or close browser (reload).
  21. Although he has not crashed at the Maxnote screenshot, but the pop-up does not show right. He does not import all my bookmarks. As good as almost none. He still does not sort bookmarks as he should. So far from the release. I'm just stating this and will not participate in discussions because I've decided not to annoy me with MX5 anymore. I also uninstalled the browser because it is hopeless with you.
  22. "

    Where ist he ? I saw him at changelogs

  23. My question is: Can I import a guest access snapshot into my login version?

  24. The Maxthon community is the only browser forum that is really active and working. The fact that we are all in English language is really not too much. In addition, in times of Bing or Google translator.