Please add maxthon Java & Symbian version


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Sure, covering new platforms will be profitable to Maxthon.

But personally (and I think this is the case for most current users, from every current platforms), I'd say that it is better to fix all the bugs of the products which have already been launched.

I'm sure extending their solutions is in maxthon crew's minds since the beginning. They will decide of it according to commercial profits, agreements with others societies, strategy of their own organisation, etc.

We have no influence in this kind of decision. It will depend of markets, opportunities beyond us.

Well... At least that is my opinion. :)

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I think there is something else to consider and that is who will be using symbian in 1 year from now. Most people change their phones frequently, I think the average is about 2 years, so how many people will be using it even one year from now. My guess is not many and even less 2 years from now. There is no future in synbian as it has all but been phased out of Nokia's phones.

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