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1. Oh thath bad i forget to say i ALWAYS use window mode not fullscreen

2. You going make better noborder, top looks nicer than last

3. The mysterious border on left shows see screenshot

4. When i apply noborder skin color change to light gray as u see, but how to change to dark? When i change settings>skin>color everythings go to default

5. Hope to finally make perfect no border skin :)


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First screenshot Maxthon with maxthon.dll from old version, perfect no border

Second screenshot Maxthon with border

I know that is notning big, but for me, noborder looking just great, but newer version is simply better

On highr quality photos is better to see border. For someone looking from far away there in no diference.



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1. you hide the sidebar and want no border on left - right and bottom - that should be easy enough = EXACLTY

2. i dont mess with maxthon.dll, i just copy from older version to version folder, dont change anything inside file

3. not need to hurry, and least to maxthon 5 :) like now is not bad but could be perfect :D

4. THANK YOU for help and your interest such small things

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this icon i paint new and replace in folder main.solid/icons, but nothing change


this icons are not in center with address bar, can u centerize it?

about color soon becouse first i thing about changing font then, pick best color to font

PS. there is also missing PIXEL in right down corner!



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when i change tab width size in skin.ini and apply skin then for 1second its changes then for 1 second i see like its moving back to original size


when i remove icon information for Reader Mode in addressbox.css this star show up, how to completly remove icon only leaveing text "Reader Mode"?


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