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hi and welcome here

at the moment it's not possible to have the translation on the same tab, I think it's on purpose

IMO it's better this way : you can compare both original and translated pages (hit F10 : copy your page linkto 2nd window and then translate)




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joemax replied at 2013-10-6 06:25 back.gif

Or you can use Bing Translator extension, simply click the button and translate to any of twenty or ...

I've tried using the Bing Translator extension on the Chinese Forum. But it insists on translating it into Russian. How do you set the target language for the translator? The information on the extension is basically non-existent and I haven't found anything on the Bing Translator page to help yet. Hints appreciated.


PS:SOLVED]: I found the toolbar and its dropdown menus. Got it set now. All is well. SL

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