How do you Turn Off the Search Bar?


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Looked everywhere in MX5, searched the forums, can't find out how to turn off the search bar.


In "Skins" menu, there is a check box for "Search Box". When checked or un-checked, it does nothing. 


Can the search bar be turned off? Is that feature inactive because I'm using the 1700 beta?


Many thanks,,,

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Which "search bar" are you referring to? The "Search box" option in the "Skins" menu turns the search bar to the right of address bar on and off. It doesn't do "nothing". But if you are referring to the search bar on the QA page (New page), it currently is part of the QA UI and is not removable at this time. It used to jump up to the address bar location (it used to be a search and address bar) when a tile was clicked and the page opened, but it no longer does that in this beta. The "feature" has not been disabled because it is a beta. And there are many who have already asked about this new design so maybe it will be further worked on.

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