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1 hour ago, PHYR said:

It's not a beta.

Are we sure that's the reason?

I've been using MX android since at least (i think), but definitely since (as evidenced here). Since these releases there have been at least 4 beta and final releases. To my knowledge i've never had all my userdata lost between any of these versions.

And assuming that was the case and the same happened on a previous final release, then surely all my customisations would have carried over since the last final version that was installed? That's not the case either.

Personally i think it's a bug.

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Usually this happen when they change the app id for the app. The strange thing is that when you run the beta version, a message appears saying you have a more recent version installed and to uninstall the beta. And if you modify the new tab apps layout, it is synced with both the versions. Also, this tab is synced on first launch. But all the icons are the standard ones, so you have to maually delete and readd all the site links to have back the icons, since there is no ways to modify them...

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