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Hey guys I am having an issue.  Awhile back my browser stopped notifying me of the newest beta releases.  I have been beta testing for years for Maxthon on both windows and android.  I like to help out in the forums but it is getting really hard to recreate problems and find fixes when I don't have the newest version.  Can someone put me in touch with a developer or tech?  I know I haven't been removed from the group of beta testers, I haven't done anything but help....

I could download the newest version from a third party site but that seems kinda shady and somewhat rude.  I even tried sending this information through a bug report but it wouldn't let me send because it said my email address was invalid...

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3 hours ago, klear6 said:

Don't mind me, I'm kind of a .... let's be kind and say scatter-brain....where here?  I need to dl it so I can fix the google errors.

All public releases are found under Welcome>Maxthon News on this forum. Unless you have access to the Early Access Area, all you will ever see are public betas posted on the public forum at this location. And I have been a core member and tester since 2004, and the browser has never notified me concerning the newest beta releases; only releases deemed final. Betas are always only obtained through the forum, whether internal or public. 
You can also get the release info from the "Release Notes tab" on the forum home page at the top of the page where you find Forum, Product Support, Activity, and Release Notes tabs to click on. You don't really sound as though you have been much of a forum beta tester if you don't know about any of this. The only way I have always been kept abreast of new releases and what's going on is to visit this forum several times every day.

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