Address bar can be "hijacked" by a changed URL while typing

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This is a workflow breaker when I am attempting to open multiple websites by typing in their URLs.

Basically if a website changes their URL throughout loading (even simple "" to "") it overwrites your written URL effectively "breaking" whatever you were trying to open. This is a issue most prevalent on Outlook/Hotmail/Live where the URL can change like 3 times.

This issue can be reproduced on any website by opening a URL and immediately pressing F4 to attempt to access another, the focus will be shifted away from the whole selection requiring you to either press F4 again or to select the text manually, completely overwritten text, or the typing cursor being shifted to the left while typing.

Above is an example of a page that changes URL multiple times (doing my best to type in "fbl" which I've assigned a URL alias to).
Notice that during the loading the typing cursor also shifted to the left at the first attempt (100% this was not human error as it can be reproduced) despite the URL not actually changing.

Above is an example of a simple page that just overwrites the URL once (same attempt of accessing "fbl").
I've noticed even in this situation the typing cursor can randomly be shifted to the left instead of the URL being overwritten.

This of course is also an issue when attempting to type in actual URLs rather than aliases.

I am using Maxthon v5.0.4.3000 on Windows 10.

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I can confirm this. Frustrate me every time I want to copy address of youtube video.

I see embedded video. Look nice and I press "Open on youtube site" button. After that I want to copy address of this video to share (I know about ability to rightclick on video and copy address from there). And I can not copy address because of address string updates 2-3 times. Only after that I can select and copy address.

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