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1 hour ago, Kilmatar said:

I hate Windows10's notification center =)

So don't use it. Doesn't mean having a toast popup wouldn't be handy even for those that don't use the notification centre.

1 hour ago, Kilmatar said:

I'm using external download program due to Maxthon's inability to regulate download speed.

Are there any browsers with advanced download management? I don't think so? The big 5 only have a download list to review and have easy access to the downloaded files.

I don't think MX should try and offer something more complex considering there are programs dedicated to this that would do a better job. What they should be doing is spending time on fixing/adding some of the basic features that were removed in the 4.4 > 4.9/5.0 change, along with polishing up some of the rough edges of the UI.

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