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Apologize ahead of time for this post....  Probably not in a correct area or something... I'm having to jump in and ask my ? under time constraints of travelling with my new job so...

Since the beginning of BETA testing with MX5 I have asked, questioned.... requested a feature that is missing now from the Windows version which is being able to share a web page by clicking a "share link" for like to social media pages, etc....

MX5 for Android has this to the right of the address bar...

MX4 preferably has it in the address part of the left of address with multi-purpose when its opened (favorites as well as share).

Any regards on this would be appreciated... where to post this or ..........??!!!!



share link icon.png

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They've added a share option to Maxnote in the latest beta. Although that seems a little odd. If you're adding to Maxnote, you're more than likely keeping it for yourself and probably won't be sharing that link all that much. As opposed to a site that you came across and want to share, it would make more sense if there was a share button in the address bar.

Even an extension probably would work as well... hmmmm

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