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Hy everyone,

in MX5 i think the Magic Fill option is broken, MX5 try to fill passwords on Sites there are not saved. I saved some Password for Internal Site FQDN. Servername.domain.local and on other Sites such as servername2.domain.local other formular fields are autofill with my password. The other site never been saved on passkeeper. Is there an option to set magic fill to only autofill the Password i have saved on passkeeper? Im using the

Thanks a lot


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I think you are talking about autosuggestion.

some people like browsers to help them by suggesting words to fill fields. It is not magic fill. no password is stored but the browser remember what you've done

and as there is no password stored the suggestion doesn't match

feature like that was in the wish list as far as i can remember

you can clear the data history

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Have you saved data as a General Identity? That will fill on any site where there are compatible fields. Although even so, i'm pretty sure even using the auto option it still doesn't add General Identity data. Although will need to double check that.

Any data saved for a particular site only should only be filled on that site.

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