stopOnClose does not work for toolbar


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We already told why "stopOnClose": false by default is absolutely illogical decision. I have no ideas why you did it. User can not close sidebar widow by "x" pressing. Great! We already told that you wrote you updated it to "stopOnClose": true, but it was words only. Nothing has changed that time. OK. OK, because I can just use "stopOnClose": true in my add-ons. And I did it. 
But today I noticed that "stopOnClose" does not work for toolbar panels. Great again! When I press "x" I want to close window, because when I want to minimize it I can click outside. I have no ideas why you did it. Logics!

UPD: I tested on MX4 and MX4.9, ny friends do it on MX5. From time to time "stopOnClose" works as true, from time to time as false. I have no idea why. I used VK and Facebook for tests. So if you see mistakes in def.json, show me.

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