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[Bug Report] Maxthon 5 Crashes when using Copy / Paste

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Hey folks,

I'm having a bit of an issue with Maxthon 5. Sometimes when I try to Copy / Paste information from one website to another, the tab will freeze and automatically refresh. After 3 tries, the tab just crashes completely.

This issue is most frequently noticeable on Forum websites. I prefer to use 15 point Verdana for my posts on any Forum site, and 15 point is not one of the available font options. Generally, I Copy / Paste 15 point font which I previously used into the Forums, to begin typing in 15 point font. Right now I'm doing 14point since it began crashing on me again when I tried to copy over 15 point.

Any suggestions as to why this may be happening? I do a lot of productive posting on different Forums, so having it crash on me like this is quite inconvenient.


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Hi Scorpiany,

Thanks for the feedback!

Could you kindly send the crash data to us, so that our developers could analysis and identify the cause for this crash. 

Just FYI:


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