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Maxthon Homepage Link is written in Chinese


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Last post for today, I promise.  If you go to the start page and drag the Maxthon Homepage button down to the bottom so that it is still on the page but not up at the top, the link name is written in Chinese.  Yeah, it let me go in and edit it into English but I thought I would give you guys a heads up anyways.

home page in chinese.PNG

K, one more issue.  When I went down to the page and clicked the plus button when the page looked exactly as it does in the above picture, it let me fill out the URL and the name of the page but when I confirmed it it just showed up as having a new row but instead of the link I added all it did was add another "+" button....

double plus button.PNG

Arg....so I pressed the second plus button and added the site again and this is what I got, LOL.

douple plus button 2.PNG

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Hi klear6, thanks for your feedback. I've confirmed these two issues on my device, will forward to our product team asap

FYI, we will upload a new QA page soon in near future. So please stay tuned and thanks again for helping us improve!

We'll have a three-day holiday to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. Hope you a nice day as well. :1f60a:

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