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Split screen drag search/open


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I'm using split screen feature very often. I want to ask you about a behavior modernization.

When I drag-n-drop text from one side to the other one it should create a tab with search results on the side that the text was dropped on. For now, only links are opened that way, but not dragged text - it opens search tab on the active side, despite the side that I choose to drop the text.

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18 hours ago, PHYR said:

I'm unable to d&d text for a search nor links between panes even in the latest internal version. Newer versions do allow d&d of tabs which I wasn't able to do in the earlier versions.

Win10 b14915

Win 8.1 x64 here, I can drag everything... v5.0.1.1200

Try to enable Options-Mouse gestures and hotkeys-Enable Super drag-n-drop

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