Facebook Chat MX5 Beta (i can't use chat options cause link bar)


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His status bar is hidden and his chat box is covered by floating link bar.

He should be able to click on the chat box to open it anyway especially since his cursor shouldn't be hovering a link(so no floating link) when he does so. Maybe a win 7 issue?

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7 minutes ago, demiurgo said:

i'm sure. i've only Chat sound checked (obviously). 
Link bar (when longer, example subcomment reply of comment in a group) cover my chat option like Smiles, Gif, etc. 
In MX4 status bar isn't floating like MX5 and it's all ok. 
So if u can make an option for decide to set link bar floating or not is usefully, because in facebook i've this bad issue and i must close 2 or 3 private chat for use options facebook private chat. 

Enable the status bar from Menu > View.

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