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Maxthon window either full screen or not at all

Al Alias

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(This is regarding Maxthon I know this is isn't the correct place to post my question, but that entire category is closed to new posts.)

I recently installed Maxthon and it worked as expected for a few days, but now it will only display the browser window full screen or not at all. I can't resize the window by dragging its its borders or restore it to its proper size. Any suggestions? I'm not sure what additional information might be helpful or relevant, but the OS is Win XP home edition SP3. I have Nitro and Chrome installed as well. 

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Hi Alias, could you send a screenshot or GIF. picture so that we can know clearly about your problem? because I couldn't duplicate your problem in my computer.

Besides, how long has this problem been lasting? from the first time you started to use this version, or only appeared from a certain time?

Awaiting your reply.

PS: discussion about MX4 version is in Forum--Product Support--MX4 and Earlier Version Discussion--General Product Support :)


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