Uninstalled Maxthon w/ user data, reinstalled, user data synced well , but all of SkyNote was lost.

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Hi Forum

After reinstall,I started syncing the SkyNotes, but after some time, nothing came up and syncing stopped. The rest of data came conveniently quickly.

I tried to recover them from System Recovery, but the /res/ folder doesn't change. I'm running windows 10, which was installed two months ago.


I have done such reinstallations several times before, always without errors. The notes contained a lot of text that I valued  such as college projects, technical data and everyday information that I had written down there. I have really enjoyed this  feature. As a note application it's much more effective and easier to use when itegrated to a browser.

Q: It is possible to recover data from the actual cloud service location? It has now been oversynced with empty notes, but does this service holds any backup of user data? My Maxthon passport is registered to helmet_heat.

Q: Does mobile and tablet Maxthons contain any data of SkyNote?


I have managed to get some encrypted .datx-files from another computer, but they're more than a year old. Although I haven't looked for additional possibilities, the import feature of SkyNote  does not seem to recognize the .datx-es, but I can do the import thing manually. 

Additional things:

While posting this topic I noticed a bug, I think, which froze the blinking "I" of typing, at pretty random points when I moved it around with the arrow keys. I seemed to register clicks, typing, erasing and moving the "I" around, but the title bar showed only frozen line and came alive when I did any of that.

Since the last update Maxthon developers have added the tab-specific mute button, which is nice and flexible too, but I also found the previous one very useful as you could easily mute the whole application. Very comfy and original. It was those built in nooks and crannies that has hooked me to Maxthon. 

Also, I may be dumb, but I don't see the search bar anymore next to URL and I can't remember adding it extra from somewhere every time. Is it still around? Although URL tab can be used instead (but it doesn't show suggestions?) I used to do quick word-checking via Google suggestions with it


Take care!



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