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Maxthon browser is the most terrible!

Andrew L

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To whom it may concern, 

Hi there. I am sending this message to thank you for the great browser you have made but I cannot say that about v4.9.1.1000. It it a total disaster. I don't know what has happened to it. It no longer works properly. I have a good connection, however, it loads pages for ages and shows the message: " Warning: Something is bad, please clear your cache and restart your browser. " When I open my gmail account, it says that the images cannot be loaded and it freezes on the loading bar. It sucks! When I go to Facebook or Google images and click the posts or images, they are not opened until I clear cash and cookies. It doesn't happen to my other browsers. After the last update, I have lost my hope and probably will have to look for another solution if you cannot fix the bug that made your browser the worst. I am sorry to characterize it as the worst but it is really the worst now. Hope you will find my feedback useful. 

Best regards, 

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