Please help me to resolve this problem

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34 minutes ago, 7twenty said:

I'd try reinstalling.

The language file isn't working as it should. Try selecting another language from Menu > language. Then go back to your default language.

Not sure about the other error? when does it occur? 

They occur today, only about some hours ago. They're dealt after I follow your guideline.

Second error often appear when I open a new tag. I don't know the reason... 

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I don't know the reason, but Maxthon fixed these errors automatically after I had restarted my PC. But I still want to know exactly what happened, because I don't know when they'll occur again.

By the way, Maxthon doesn't display some special characters. Can you help me?



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Maxthon has some issues with some special characters/emoji. Has been mentioned before. Was also mentioned it will be looked into IIRC.

Much of the characters on this wikipedia page don't work, but display fine in other browsers. (Edge/Chrome/Opera all display monochrome / FF in colour).

Not sure if it's because MX is still using an older blink core (v39) or there's something else that's missing/not implemented. Doesn't seem to be high on the to do list though.

Interestingly if you copy a link from that page (eg. whale emoji) and use the paste & go command then you will see the correct emoji in the address bar (only black&white), yet it doesn't display on the page?!

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