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I downloaded Maxthon browser and Maxthon Cloud browser from the Play Store on my Samsung S tablet. Both got installed without paying attention.  One is 29.18 GB , and one is 18.47 GB. I can't tell which is which because the version number is the same on both. I use the Maxthon Cloud browser on my PC  (at least I think I do? ) and like the idea and ease of using the Cloud to always have the same and current info on my phone, tablet and PC. 

They both are equal in functions, except for the Cloud, right? But how do I tell which one on my tablet to delete to free up that space? 



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If I were you I'd delete them both based on the size of the files you mentioned. If, however, you meant MB, I would suggest Maxthon Browser for Tablet which is optimal for larger screens(it has larger QA icons). Both of these browsers include "the cloud" with version also featuring ad block plus. 

 I'd take a closer look at the version numbers, although similar, MxB for tablet is version M4.3.5.2000 and the version for phone and smaller tablets is M4.5.5.2000. (It's also possible M4.5.5.2000 includes better scalable graphics for larger tablets, I just have no way to test). The version numbers are available when selecting from apps in apps info. 

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