Search engine through POST possible?

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We all know how powerfull and handy are Search engines that can be added and customized in Maxthon. This is the crucial and one of the oldest functions of early Maxthon/MyIE back in 200x. In Mx4 we can also add search engines to handy Multi-Search sidebar - which give EXTRA power for every day internet usage.


Most of those search engines work based on GET request which allows as to customize URL's that can be used for us in Maxthon.


The problem is - I have this ONE search engine that I often use, but it works on POST request. So there is search.php file on server and it does all magic without displaying any parameters in URL address bar. Sadly.


The question - is there any way, any workaround so we can still use Maxthon Search Engine Management and make it to work with POST request-based search engines? Have any one of you tried that?

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Haven't tried, but if you can provide a link then someone might be able to have a look.


Although i'd guess unless the search engine allows parameters to be added to the URL, I don't think you'll have much luck as it's all done in the php script remotely.

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