Magic Fill no longer sorting matches by last used password

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Using latest Maxthon for Windows v4.4.6.1000


This bug occurs with websites for which you've used Magic Fill to store multiple username/password sets for each individual website (you have different accounts there, like PayPal, etc).


In previous builds, whenever I double-clicked on a username/password field, then I'd see a list of matching accounts in a drop down menu, and I would always see the most recently-used password at the top of the list (first item listed). The second-most-recent password used was listed as the second item on that Magic Fill drop-down list. It was highly convenient this way.


Now on the more recent builds of Maxthon for Windows, specifically v4.4.6.1000, whenever you double-click on a username/password field you see a list which is static - it doesn't get resorted by most recently used password.


I hope this isn't an intentional change. But if it is, I hope they'd be a checkbox or some ini-hack to change the behavior back. To clarify: I never actually click on the Magic Fill button - I actually find it redundant so I completely hid it from my screen. I simply let the Magic happen on its own whenever it encounters a recognized log-in screen.


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Thanks for your question.

Magic fill function is a form like what it is now.

It has not been changed as you mentioned.

And I have discuss with our product department about this.

They have no plans on modifying this.

I hope this could help you.

Many thanks.

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Thanks for talking to the devs about this, BugMiss006. They're still wrong, of course, since the behavior of Magic Fill has changed from a dynamic sorting of the entries to a static list. When I get a chance I'll take some screenshots to further explain/demonstrate the issue with the different builds. But even if you choose a static ordering for the Magic Fill entries, why is it showing a completely random order? It's not alphabetized, it's not last-added-entry-first/last, it's just a random mess... At least give the users the option to drag and drop Magic Fill entries in about:config to manually organize them in some sensible manner!

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