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How to recover my lost bookmarks / favorites?


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I've been using maxthon 3 for awhile now and I recently decided to try maxthon 4 so I tried to install it along side of max3 but it ended up merging both products together. I uninstalled max4 and everything went back to normal until yesterday when I closed max3 and when I reopened the browser it was suddenly max4 and it gave me a pop up error that said "bookmarks crashed, would you like to rebuild library?". I clicked yes and all my favorites were gone. :( 

I don't have an online account so I can't restore them that way and I didn't have a backup html on my pc. I did however find these .dat files in "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Public\Favorite" and "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\guest\Favorite\favbackup". I believed I could restore my bookmarks using "fav526.dat" which is yesterday's date and has a much larger file size compared to "fav527.dat". I tried importing it into "Favorites Manager" but nothing shows up, only an empty folder. Any ideas on how I can restore my favs using these files? I have about 5 years+ of favs and would hate to loose them all. Please help.

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rename fav527.dat to favorites.dat and copy it over favorites.dat and you then are using the backup


back the Maxthon3 dir up before you start - if it all goes wrong you can go back to it


if your favorites backup dir has more backup files you can try any of those by just renaming them to favorites.dat - obviosly moving them out of the favorites backup dir

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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Hi guys, that's first time that I encounter problems updating my Portable version.

In general, I use to substitute the UserData folder, not the AppData.

This 2nd folder contains another Favorite.dot file, but it never changes...its dimension is always 22,0 KB, and substituting that with a new file from the backup folder, at Maxthon's restart, I find it again being 22,0 KB.


Actually I see a Favorite.dat in these different addresses:


MaxthonPortable\AppData\Public\Favorite --------------------> Favorite.dat (22KB)

MaxthonPortable\AppData\Public-zh-cn\Favorite ------------> Favorite.dat (22KB)


MaxthonPortable\UserData\Public\Favorite -------------------> Favorite.dat (22KB)

MaxthonPortable\UserData\Users\xxx@xxx.com\Favorite ---> Favorite.dat (1,85mb) + tempfb3.dat  (385KB)


MaxthonPortable\UserData\Users\guest\Favorite ------------> Favorite.dat (1,85mb) + tempfb3.dat  (34,1KB)


I've been able to recover my Favorites, putting manually this last Favorite.dat, manually in this address line.


I need (if you can help me), to recover the history items in "Smart Address" suggestions in the address bar (it's not blank, but I see older lines, that I thought I had deleted the last year).

And same problem with general settings. I don't have my loved homepage...in what folder can I find it? :(

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