moving tabs/cloud tabs/data to new pc

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I am selling this pc and want to move all of my data to the new pc, so that I can have my 'cloud tabs', favourites, data, and, even last tabs exactly where I left off.

Is there an easy way to do this using the cloud passport at all?

many thanks


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yes it's easy, as you said using the passport will do it : just sync all data you want to retrieve


you may also want to keep another backup, just in case : all your data are stored on your HDD here : C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3

rename it to C:\Users\cathy\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3sav and back again to C:\Users\cathy\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3 if something goes wrong with the sync.



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