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Don't use Yahoo mail, so can't really offer any advice.

If you can paste the source code for the ad panel, I or someone might be able to figure it out. Not as easy as doing it live, but will give it a try.

@looooping - it's not interesting. Interesting would be if he found something about the site that people didn't know. If you said "me too", then that I'd have no issue with. Something to think about.

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Oliver One replied at 2015-3-14 23:41 back.gif

With a test account, I don't see right side bar!

Thanks for the testing!

Yes thats right.There is no ad in the ad panel but still there is the adpanel.

If you test the yahoo mail with earlier version of Maxthon using adblock,you will see that there is no adpanel at all. This gives you more space for the inbox.

Please have a look at this add on made for FF:

hide ad panel add on example

There are 2 images that explain what I mean.

I guess this was the rule for Maxthon adbock: ###theAd

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