Still one more thread about 'last session tab'


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Hello Maxthoners,

tl;dr: closed the last session tab and dont know hot to open it again!

You are all aware of this tab/page that is open on start when you didnt close Maxthon properly (maybe inb other cases too) where you can see the Last Session Tabs, that were not locked, all row by row and you can reopen them or delete them, and you can also see the last to last session tabs.

I dont want to enter the debate about how we should close maxthon properly, use the ctrl+shift+D handy workaround, etc. I also know there is the History there but it is not want I want. I saw threads in the frontpage related to this tab but they didnt have the info I wanted.

Thing is I use it. I close Maxthon with the X wihtout closing this tab and it is there again. I have kept it alive during many sessions/days, I know devs would cry due this lame behavior but.. it is like that. Well; if you write in the addres bar while having this last sessions tab in the front, and click enter, the tab goes to that addres but the "back arrow" is not functional (reasonably) so you cant go back and lose this last session tab not to be able to recover again, I wander through all the menus and been reading but didn find a way.

I appreciate any help, thank you and bwishes for 2015!

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