[RQ] What will we see in Maxthon WP 2.0

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Hi dear family,

I have some requests and suggestions from other users in my country.

* It will be great, if Maxthon for Windows Phone has "Tranlate Page" feature. There is no browser has this. It can be the only one! (:

* Also I couldn't see that "Reader Mode" in v2.0 logs. IE 11 for WP has this feature. Will there be in Maxthon, too?

* What do you plan about cloud features?

* What about Magic Fill?

* Maxthon v1 was always closing suddenly in my Lumia 820 and 1520. What about sudden closure? I can't imagine this with 512MB devices :(

Users of the biggest Turkish blog and forum about Windows Phone named "Windows Phone News"(windowsphonehaber.com) say that if Maxthon has these features and stability; this browser will be the best browser for Windows Phone OS.

Warmest regards

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Well according to the info on the translation pages:

- New and improved Start Page

- NewsBites - the RSS feed reader

- Different themes

- No Image Mode

- Option to switch search engines in the address bar

- Option to change the language of the browser without changing the language of the phone

So there's some interesting things there. Hopefully stability and bug fixes as well.

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