minor problems with Night Mode and Favorites

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Hi dear family,

OH MY GOD! I really LOVED this version. You did great work this time! Thank you so so much.

That sweet animations... That Maxthon logo on the background while page is loading... That cool Maxthon banner design on pinned tiles to start screen... That qualified Night Mode views(even better than android)... That transparent tile... That funny animations on Quick Access tiles...

More stabil, faster, less energy consuming, more seamless...

In brief, EXCELLENT!

But, there are two minor bug. (Windows Phone 8... Not 8.1 preview)

1) The last favorite site stucks behind the menu bar. It's impossible to click. You can see it only scrolling up...

2) Texts on Facebook main page don't appear. They appear in profiles; but don't appear in main page only!

I have 4 pic for this facebook issue. I hope they will be helpful.

Except this, IT IS PERFECT! Thank you again.

Warmest regards.





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