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Found 7 results

  1. So lately I noticed that there is a general problem with playing full-screen videos from essentially every website (YouTube, News sites, Rumble, etc.). I get an error (different text for every site) but essentially it seems that when viewing the videos in full screen the buffering stops and once the buffer clears, the video stops and an error is issued. I haven't noticed if it's specifically HTML5 or flash. When reloading the page/video it works and buffers fully as long as you don't go full screen. I'm using (64bit), but I think this happened in previous versions as w
  2. Hello, I recently tried the latest version [ (64-bit) 0226] in portable mode. I usually do this before replacing the installed version to make sure everything is OK. When trying to open my email - outlook online (https://outlook.office.com/) but instead of it opening as usual, I'm getting the following error page: and the "More details" doesn't add any relevant information (my IP address and such). I tried using the previous version of Maxthon at the same time and it works fine (as well as MX5). I also tried clearing the cache end browser data (completely) as
  3. Good afternoon to everyone. I'm a happy user of Maxthon since 2006, and I love all features of Maxthon, including screen capture. Maxthon 5 let me have a CTRL+F1 capture and paste directly on Outlook email as HTML part. Maxthon 6 natively, since beta versions, didn't allow. Whenever I was pasting it onto Outlook, it paste it as a snap attachment. So, what was I doing? I did past the captured area on Word document, re-copy it, and paste into Outlook email as HTML part. Since version (?? I dont know), I could capture and paste on Outlook email directly: WONDERFUL! But
  4. The Search engines settings in M6 remain awful (v6.1.1.1100). The 'Delete' option on each record seems to randomly delete other engines, whilst Modify and Default options don't seem to have any effect at all. I was trying to set my local Google (not .com.hk!) as the sole and default engine, but have ended up with this duplicate, neither of which will delete. The whole thing is unusable and very frustrating!
  5. When I launch MX6 for the first time after the browser restart, the typical Windows 10 security prompt appears asking to allow or deny MX6 making changes to my computer. I allowed the browser on my home computer, so it stopped asking, but on my work computer I keep denying it, as I do not have rights to press "Yes". This doesn't happen with other Chromium-based browsers: as far as I can remember, such prompt only showed up once during Google Chrome installation, after which it didn't appear again, even when I had pressed "No".
  6. Steps to reproduce: Have a browser profile that is not signed into Maxthon Cloud. Go to Settings -> General -> Nickname and avatar. Change the profile picture and press OK. Desired effect: the profile picture is changed. Actual effect: all browser instances crash. Experienced on: Windows 10.
  7. Maxthon Cloud page uses Flash for avatar upload, which is disabled by default on Chromium-based browsers, including MX6 (see attached screenshot). Please, update the page to use Flash-free solutions.