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Found 10 results

  1. I try to download from this link: https://dl.maxthon.com/mx6/maxthon_portable_6.1.3.2605_beta_x64.zip but it's speed is very slow (it down grade from hundreds, then tens, then less than ten kb per second), and sometimes it's even hang there (speed 0). It wasn't this way before, what's wrong? I try other site's download in the mean time, they are all normal. I try MX6 no luck, then I try MX5, no lock either. The attached sreen is from MX5.
  2. Normally after we type some keyword(s) in Google search bar and get search result, we can use down arrow key to move down a list of suggestion keyword(s). This is okay in MX5 or previous versions. However, we just can't do this in MX6. I bet this is a bug again.
  3. Everytime I open MX6 and maximized its windows. It won't remeber this when I open it next time. I'm sure that MX5 can but MX6 can't. Does your developer did on purporse or just neglect this feature?
  4. After installing MX6, none of my search engine aliases are working, and all my saved search engines were deleted. It seems that the "alias" shortcut has been replaced with "keyword", but why did this not transfer over from MX5 to MX6? This is the kind of stuff that makes users not want to upgrade their browser to a newer version! MX5: MX6:
  5. I click a url with 'ftp:// ....' but MX6 can't recognize and has no any response. This was workable in MX5 or previous version.
  6. Unable to login to uu.me. Emails also are not getting forwarded.
  7. I want to see the width and height of an image on web page and find this bug(?). If it's not a bug but intended, why? Don't destroy user experience again, please. I'm using newest version.
  8. I'm using MX6 I start an online meeting using Google Meet. When I want to share screen, Google Meet tells me I can't share screen. I change to use Chrome, it's ok. How can I fix this problem?
  9. I go to this link: https://www.mobile01.com/topicdetail.php?f=294&t=6591000 and first press the play button to start playing and then I press the bottom-left play button in the playbar area of embedded youtube video but it has no response. I use inspect function to check the html source code and it points to this element: <div id="show_ad_left_bottom" class="c-iconLink c-iconLink--gn">顯示廣告</div> If I delete this element and leave debugger mode, then I can click that button normally. I know that element is for ad but I try this url on other browsers, e.g. Chrome or IE or Firefox, they all works well. Only Maxthon has this problem. May I know the possible reason?
  10. I'm experiencing a lot of crashing on initial start of Maxthon at the moment. Windows 10 x64. Yesterday I opened the browser via clicking a link in another program and it crashed. This morning, I attempted to open Maxthon for the first time and it kept full on erroring out with a crash report sent to Microsoft every time. I had to boot Edge and come and download the installer again. I've been updating every week so I would presumably have been running However, after reinstalling this morning I then noticed the About page only said 2600 and prompted me to restart, which I did ... and it crashed with a report to Microsoft again. This time, however, I was then able to manually open Maxthon successfully. So here I am.