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Found 6 results

  1. First,I set R:\internet (RamDisk)to cache folder. Then I change to R:\_Cache,it show saved and I exit. Then I enter the setting page again,it recover to R:\internet.
  2. I'm using an extension which has a password. I've never used a USB hardware security key. For the first time today, according to Windows Security, Maxthon is requesting a security key to proceed. I can only click "cancel." There is no option to manually type in my password for the extension. How can I get around this? Version7.1.7.8000(64-bit)1206 00:46
  3. i had problems with the browser, very slow and i cant view instagram without freezing so i uninstalled it WITH all data, to install the last version (Maxthon PC beta) but the sync process always fail so i DONT HAVE any of my bookmarks (neither backup) please can you send me my bookmarks file?? pleasee by other hand, with twitter always had the pop out window for video, but now i cant get it, never show, i uninstalled the last version, and I installed a version of the previous ones but it doesnt work.. doest show the litlle window for video in twitter anymore please help
  4. All my passwords got deleted from cloud after I used Maxthon on iOS. I tried to install it on new PC (and tried to install different 7.1.7 subversions of Maxthon) and I get all the bookmarks, but not any passwords from passkeeper. I still have them all locally on 1 PC. When I click on Sync on that PC it saying synced successfully, but if I try to sync from other PC passkeeper is still empty, also it saying : Please help, how do I force passwords from that PC to sync back to cloud, or maybe something got bugged on my account after using Maxthon iOS version, if yes, if someone can fix it.
  5. As title. Just seeing the preloader.
  6. Hello, I'm a Maxthon member and I've started using Super bookmarks with Maxnote for several weeks, I'm pretty pleased but there are some flaws which could be improved: -Sometimes during several minutes after Maxthon has started the bookmarks are all sorted in reversed order (from Z -> A), I don't know if this is during synchronization but that's annoying when we need to browse them -If the 1st character (of bookmark or folder) is "_", then the bookmark is not put in the first place in the list but in last position -And the most annoying thing is when we want to create a new folder in the tree structure when adding a bookmark. If you check the pics, you'll see the 1st window which appears, then you need to select "choose another folder" to create a new one. But instead of pointing in the directory where you came from, it's pointing at the root ! So you have to go through all the directories to create the new one... Whereas when using the "simple" Bookmarks feature (not Maxnote), the behaviour is not the same. Could you please correct that in next releases ? TIA