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Found 5 results

  1. Maxthon really doesn't like UFC. Cannot play videos or display pictures properly. Maxthon (Version7.1.6.1600(64-bit)0904 16:24), Windows 10 pro: Firefox: Any suggestions?
  2. Please I need fix this what you can see on the video. I cannot type with this!!! It occures only on Windows 8.1 (Maxthon runs good on Windows 11). Untitled.mp4
  3. Since for some inexplicable reason, UUMail was removed from the new tab page since MX6, I have been had to add shadow emails for UUMail logging in to my Maxthon account at instead of the link within MX5 that didn't require a login. Now, I cannot login to or in order to add shadow emails or access passkeeper. When I click on "authorization" button, it momentarily says "success!" and then it just goes back to the login page. It just loops and loops.
  4. I already had some problems with the Maxthon app in the Android version when I downloaded it. There is no correct synchronization between the computer version and the phone version, that is, there is no synchronization at the same moment or at least within a short time between what I remove or add to favorites between the phone and the computer.. Another problem is that the ad blocker doesn't actually work. I hope that you can Solve it.
  5. Hello, I've recently noticed a problem with how Maxthon is managing bookmarks when we are sorting them in the manager: If you use the "cut" function, the items selected and cut will disappear before they're pasted... Not really a problem if you paste them just after that, but if you're doing a 2nd cut without pasting the 1st one (ex: if the 1st one was a mistake), the 1st items will be lost ! So the only alternative I've found, was to restore a backup of my bookmarks... Not really convenient ! Another useful item you could add is an icon to go up one level in the bookmarks tree (ex: going from test\level1\level2 to test\level1). A function to expand/collapse parts of the tree would be useful too.