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Found 6 results

  1. These settings have too short a memory, only one tab. Why? There used to be more, but many versions ago.
  2. If Maxthon is running already. when click a link, the --single-argument call to Maxthon fail to open link in Maxthon. But If I don't run Maxthon, by clicking same link, it will run Maxthon and open that link. Why? I'm using Maxthon under win11.
  3. I experienced a strange problem: test 1.When Maxthon is not running, I click a link in LINE chat room, it will open Maxthon with this link page correctly. But If I click any other link in LINE chat room further, it has no response, i.e. it won't open 2nd link page in Maxthon. test 2.If I run Maxthon first, then I click any link in LINE chat room, it has no response, i.e. No link page will open in Maxthon. test 3. I check default program in setting, it's Maxthon alright. According to the test, I click any link while Maxthon is running, it won't open the link page in Maxthon. test 4. Then I change default program to Chrome, retest above steps again, all works fine. It seems the problem is coming from Maxthon. The symtom is when setting default browser to Maxthon, while Maxthon is already running, when I clink any link, it trigger a calling to ask Maxthon to open link but Maxthon can't recognize or failt to open link. However, when setting default browser to Chrome, everything works fine. I'm using version in Win11. What could be wrong?
  4. There was a weird Maxthon occurrence today on my computer. I closed down Maxthon and then re-opened it, and I got a pop-up window saying "Welcome, 956625c8@mx.on and a password field shown, populated by some sort of a long masked-out string and a red message "need authenticate first". I don't recognize that screen and the weird name on it. There was a "Login" button link in lower left corner (makes me wonder what the popup window was displaying then, if not a login prompt). If I clicked Login, a different pop-up window opened where I could enter my e-mail and password, but it didn't go through. This lasted for about 10-15 minutes and after that I could open Maxthon again normally without needing to authenticate anything. Screenshot image attached. Does anyone recognize this or knows what was going on?
  5. I have even set the User Agent to the latest Chrome, but that doesn't trick Yandex Messenger into working.
  6. As my previous topic is closed: I'm reposting here, since all these problems have not been fixed and now you're charging me for defective functionalities ! I've lost 154580 golds with your stupid system, only done to charge more $ from people whereas we've been loyal Maxthon users for many years ! So the least you could do is selling a FULLY functional system, not a buggy equivalent system to the standard bookmarks manager !