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Found 12 results

  1. On the passkeeper page at the bottom: Latest edit : 2021-06-04 19:42:34 If data loss occurs or you accidently delete an entry, please visit Passkeeper web version to restore backup data. However trying to access the site gives a security warning and then a 404 page afterwards: https://www.uu.me/password Apologies for double post, first attempt showed a 504 timeout to the forums and refreshing the page seems to have submitted the thread twice.
  2. Since three versions back (last working version was V6.1.2.1100 i think) maxthon started hijacking few global hotkeys even though they are unset in the application or outright disabled. Example is CTRL+` as a boss key. I disabled boss key: Yet CTRL+` still activates boss key shortcut and hides the window. CTRL+`continues acting as boss key even if i change the hotkey from CTRL+` to whatever else. The same happens with CTRL+F1 / CTRL+F2 for Snap screen tool. I have disabled the hotkeys in maxthon for CTRL+F1 and CTRL+F2 because i use a different tool for that, yet maxthon continues to hijack the hotkeys and activates the snap screen tool then the hotkey is pressed. Also for some reason, after latest update, my theme has been reset to default maxthon theme with my custom theme I had installed before is nowhere to be found. Both of these issues happen on three computers I use ( personal computers, office notebook and second officen otebook )
  3. Hello, Today I noticed something weird. Yesterday I closed MX6 but today when I check the task manager I saw Mx6 still in the memory (see the attached file). Someone can explain to me why MX6 is not able to clear the memory? Thank you in advance
  4. Hello, I noticed that when I am using MX6 with my account, I mean when I log on with my maxthon password, and set the starting page to "New Tab" (see image attached file "Starting page settings.png"), I am ending up to the "Welcome to Maxthon Browser" tab (see image attached file "Starting page result.png"). Is there any raison? Because I want to start the browser with my Quick Access (New Tab). Thank you in advance for your help
  5. Recently updated to and this happened: I'm assuming the icon should've been in-line with the rest, as was before...
  6. I am having issues with the sync of my bookmarks between my computers, It is been days and the changes I am doing in the bookmarks of one computer do not reflect on the other (obviously I am logged in in both and they are connected to internet). MX version
  7. Hello! About a 2 weeks I suffering from this error. Literally every MX5 launch browser shows me error message "Your account is abnormal" and suggest me to relogin. OK. I accept to relogin. Here lies a next problem: "Server is busy. Error: 5". Forcebly pressing retry aome time leads to successful login. Until I close browser and start again. Welocme to abnormal account ? It looks like a problem on the Maxthon's side OR network connectivity problem. How can I fix this error? I still need MX5 for work duties (needs to use Flash sometimes) so no MX6 migration.
  8. Have started to get this error when doing online surveys and for good few different ones. Have searched this online and found something about Cookies which have followed but quickly comes back. Any more ideas guys.
  9. Its' been very handful while there's status bar. There are zoom percentage, ad block icon, volume(mute or not) on it. I can easily adjust or click them. Problem of current UI: 1. Current Zoom is very inconvenient, if I press ctrl+mouse middle button, it will appear on top but only temporary. I have to click menu to bring up the setting dialog where there is the zoom percent adjustment but this dialog will cover most of riight part of screen, and this will block my view to see how many percent is appropriate. 2.No way to set globally mute/unmute? Please, if possible, bring back the status bar.
  10. I remember the bookmark (or favorites) manager is very handy and has similar function as Windows File Explorer. I can select one or multiple items on source folder and move them to target folder. I can firstly click source folder from the folder tree on left pane and show its items on right pange, then I can click target folder on left pane but right pane still keeps source folder's content. Then I can select one or more items and drag-n-drop them to target folder on left pane. Also I can always see complete full name of specific item which is very clear. However, all the features above are missing in current MXNote. the synchronization of left pane and right pane always annoys me. And I can never see the complete full name of specific item which confuse me from time to time. All in all, current MXNote is a very poor-function manager and should never exist in Maxthon. I know may the UI design team focus on designing UI for cell phone or pad but PLEASE DON'T FORGET Maxthon origins from PC and important of UI for PC should never be under estimated.
  11. I started noticing that Twitch, Plex and YouTube seems to either lag or buffer for some reason now. Since the last update from yesterday (or whenever it was). Twitch and Plex much more than YouTube though. PC Build: Ryzen 2700x 16 gb ram MSI RX580
  12. Downloader manager doesn't open when left-clicking the icon. The shortcut Ctrl+J does work and show it, same as from the menu (top right corner) - but it is impossible to open it from the icon in the top bar. Version (64-bit) 0423 - Portable