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Found 11 results

  1. When updating Maxthon, I realized the cookie and site settings (in the Cookies and site data section) were not saved. Please include these in the update
  2. I made this post at other topic, just make it an independent topic to share the experience and see any other have the same issue or just me. I have experiencing an issue with MX6 since its release and for all the versions. Almost give MX6 up because it is so annoying and don't see it got fix for any new version, and I don't find same issue on other programs or browsers. Just recently I may found the possible related cause and capture the video. The issue I am experiencing is that MX6 always switch out from top-level window after a period of time. For example, when typing words in MX6, typing will get cut out because MX6 window is not top-level window anymore (captured in video). Another example, when watching videos, using arrow in keyboard to forward or backward the video will not work because MX6 window is not top-level window. Now I found the cause may because I am using Background slideshow, and MX6 switch out from top-level window when Background slideshow picture change. screen.mp4 (Same video link from YouTube if it doesn't work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6vzkgPjXQk&ab_channel=rikyxie) As the video show, I keep pressing "a" key and keep adding "a" in google translation website. At 0:10 of video, you can see the background picture changed; Plugin section of MX6 on the top-right corner seems refreshed at the same time, disappear and come back again; Even I still keep pressing "a" key, website stopped adding "a" and typing symbol in typing area disappear at the same time, because MX6 window is not top-level window anymore. At 0:18 of video, I need to use tab + alt to make MX6 back to top even though Windows still showing it on top (or left click on any part of MX6), typing symbol in typing area will show up again and I can press "a" key to add text again. The issue is neither related to plugins of MX6 nor anti-virus software as I already tried to disable or uninstall them all. Here is my background setting: Background: Slideshow Choose albums for your slideshow: (a folder of pictures) Change picture every: 1 minute Shuffle: On Choose a fit: Fit Please use my evidence to identify this issue, since it have been annoying me for so long. Let me know if your need any other info.
  3. Please check this description with attached videos. First, I press F12 to open developer mode, and move over some icons on top line. You can it will popup tooltips. Then I use mouse to right click anywhere in developer window, you can see it will popup menus. And then I click top-left icon to select an element from web page, and now no matter I left click or right click anywhere in developer window, it has no response (e.g. moving over tool icons, it won't popup tooltips anymore). Even I want to click close-develop-window icon, it also has no response. However, clicking on web page is still normal. Currently, I'm using MX6.1.3.1000 but it was happened in previous older version, too. I'd like to ask one thing: How do you people to upgrade version in portable verison of MX6? I just copy files into the previous MX6 portable folder cause I can't figure out other way to upgrade version. Sigh! MX6 is full of bugs...orz 20220105_154121.mp4 20220105_153938.mp4
  4. I made some changes to quicknotes and made sure it was synchronized. Apparently, those changes are not reflected and now all that data is lost.
  5. Hi, If the Windows scale is more than 100% in settings, MX6 cannot scale the video player properly when fullscreen. The video player window scaled out from the browser window and some buttonscannot seen. And exiting from fullscreen also problematic. Please check the provided video. Please advice Thanks Mx6problem.mp4
  6. MX v5.3.8.2100 Windows 10 Pro Hello Installed Malwarebytes (MBAM) yesterday. Today, when I open MX5, it is blocked and closed by MBAM around the time the "Last Session" page opens. It is necessary to End Task in Task Manager after it is blocked. (Maxthon is consuming "High power".) The report is pasted below. The report appears to be the same one reported on September 5 in the Maxthon Francophone section here https://www.maxthon-fr.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12582-connexion-compte-google-impossible/ (French language). Can I whitelist MX in MBAM or should I be concerned?
  7. I've reported this bug before but it seems it is still not solved. The theme I chosed from Maxthon Theme store is Cosmopolise (the tone is turkey blue as you can see on top of the screenshot). However, you can see the preview is one of my previous skin's tone(orange). I've reported this bug before. It seems that it is not solved yet.
  8. All the time I'm trying MX6, the browser does what you can see in the video. With this issue the MX6 is not useable for me. Everytime I write something MX6 will interrupt it. And this happens all the time when the browser is opened. All over again. Please fix it! Otherwise I can't use this browser anymore. (I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit) Maxthon.mp4
  9. I was trying to use https://teams.microsoft.com/ and I keep getting this error. I verified that the cookies are allowed and in particular appear in the whitelist (Settings -> advanced -> site settings). There seems to be an app that has issues to be opened, but I don't have any indication that anything was blocked or prevented from Maxthon side...
  10. Clicking 'Bookmark this page' star on the address bar will automatically add the bookmark even if you cancel the next popup window