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  1. I would like to infrom you that my problem is solved now
  2. stil persist in this version as well
  3. This version works well. No problem with disappearing of scroll bar and no scrolling disabled
  4. i7-7700HQ, 16GB Ram, Laptop, W10pro 21H2
  5. Problem from still persist with this version
  6. Asi don't know this page exist that means i didn't touch anything. In quick fly look i saw mostly word "default" or disabled is there any way how to make long screenshot of all settings or is there any exact settings u want to know? In previous version all was working well.
  7. Other browser - edge - is working well and the same is incognito mode. See on the right side that the scrollbar disappear and then i can't scroll at all 1645767477_maxthonscrolldisabled.webm
  8. Hello, after automatic update to 6.2.0-1600 i am not able to scroll down some web pages. While the webpage is loading (for ex. novinky.cz or https://support.industry.siemens.com/forum) After the page is fully loaded the right scrollbar disappear and i am not able to scroll the page with mouse wheel nor arrows on keyboard. Its on 2 computers from 2. I tried to disable all addons (ad block, dark reader) and nothing changed. Incognito mode works well