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  1. this version is not anounced by updater no matter that i have checked to check beta versions as well
  2. Hi BugSir009 - here is video, now u can move this issue into latest version as well. I noticed something. If i press back, there is opened another webpage with redirecting. But this issue was made by updating maxthon to version 1800 from previous. No other updates was installed the same day (including windows) maxthon-google-bing.webm Also please check if there is/is not icon on desktop. And if there is no icon then don't create it. As well uncheck FREE VPN installation during installation of Maxthon. This cheat to force users to use third parties programs is degrading and dehonesting the real program i am installing.
  3. Yes i am using the latest, thats why i wrote it here. And i did clear the cache and nothing changed. It start doing that after update to this version. Version before it was ok
  4. my problem: i type searched text into address bar as usual it opens search in google as i have set up i open any link from the google results and it opens the link normally i press back to get back to google results and now something happen - there are results of search but from BING that i dont have at all (i deleted it from the list of search engines)