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  1. Disabling hardware acceleration do fixes the problem, but the game feels slow (even that I'm using an i7 4770) Disabling smooth scrolling, direct write and page pre rendering does not fix the problem either
  2. Noup, didn't work. I manually deleted the cache folder and that didn't helped either (it didn't even deleted the cookies, dunno why). Of course I tried using the maxthon utility for clearing all data and that hasn't helped either.
  3. Can you tell me about those ? I use more other features, like drag an drop to open a link or make a search, other browsers fails sometimes to open a link in another page while drag and drop works most of the times. The cloud bookmarks (maxthon was one of the first ones to include it), or the cloud notepad, the popup video windows, the media finder, among other things.
  4. Nvm, it's bugged again. I feel it has something to do with Maxthon bitcoin mining. Although supposedly it's not active right now, EVERY time that I close Maxthon, the system slow down like when gpu is mining at 95% power, dunno why it happens.
  5. What did you guys do ? Is this account related ? Suddenly it's been working well since I uploaded the pictures. It has been bugged for more than a month and now it's suddenly fixed. Way too suspicious. I will report again if this fails again.
  6. This is the game app: https://apps.facebook.com/mobaheroes/ I upload a couple of pictures, on how I see some things in maxthon and the others on other browsers. But I want to say that it wasn't always like this, I used to play fine in MX5, but it became bugged since I tried facebook beta, then disabled it but still got bugged.
  7. The older version, thats the one the front page gave me a month ago. I'm gonna try the beta then. I installed it and I still got the missing objects inside the game, maybe a little bit less bit still unplayable at times.
  8. There is one addictive game I've been playing, although it has an android app and it can be run on his own webpage, the progress are binded to the place, so my progress in facebook cannot be continued in the other places. That being said, I've been suffering with some issues inside the game in Maxthon 5, primarly that objects dissapear to the point that most of the screen can be in blank. I've tried uninstalling maxthon with no avail, even with revouninstaller. Obviously I tried cleaning the cache and everything else, still getting bugs. The game runs fine in vivaldi and opera browsers (havent tried in other ones yet). Hope someone can give me a hint on how to fix it.
  9. I've been using Maxthon since Maxthon2, is not always the best browser, but is the browser I love. Some of it's native build in features are those tiny details that I love. One thing that I love too is that Maxthon is pretty much virus-inmune, hope it will keep staying that way.