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  1. I have just tested the History display times and with my current version: it behaves normally. The issue is therefore fixed now.
  2. Good news. I unzipped v800 into the existing folder and as you say it is now all showing. Thanks very much for walking me through this. My confidence in Mx6 is now renewed. One thing though could you please delete my history file from the post and your PC too as I do not want it to get into anybody's exploitative hands. Thanks again
  3. Today I find that Nov 30th and December 1st have dropped off. I have attached the History file. I hope it is the correct one, it is certainly the largest at 11mb. By the way Mx was not used at all from December 5 -12th. Wow you are fortunate to have that. I have not seen such a long history since I stopped using Mx5 which when I checked it last had years of history not just days.
  4. I find the history lookup very slow too. I have just checked November 30th and it took 47 seconds to display the result which was 223 records.
  5. Just checked my History today and November 30th is the oldest showing and not the earlier days in November that were there the last time I checked. The number of days stored has improved from the previous 8 days but the new maximum memory of History at 15 days is still not fixed.
  6. Thanks for the unexpectedly encouraging update. I have installed v600 and will see what happens to the History over the next few days. I am grateful for the quick turnaround of my request. Maxthon rocks!
  7. When is History going to be enabled fully. All I see is the last 8 days and nothing earlier ever shows. Using Version currently but previous versions were just the same. The last time I raised this I was given an encouraging reply about reinstating a full history but it still not fixed.