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  1. Often when I load google (which is my one and only home site, thus it load every time I turn MX on) it first appears ready, but second or two later it reloads completely. Thus if I manage to type at least a piece of my query, it gets erased and have to type again. Multiple it by several dozens a day and it may start to be really annoying! Additionally, google instant generally responds quite slow, or nope at all, as compared with IE11. As in topic, latest stable it is - Since I already posted new topic, I would like to make my general complaint about what is going on with Maxth
  2. Any tips how could I apply this feature to any skin? By any I mean actually IE10 skin. Tried to add code in skin.css file as tony's package does, but no result. Hard thing is that in his mxskin there are only two quite clear files, I cannot move this effect on my skin though.