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  1. 9 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi MichaelC362, please try with the latest V7.1.6.2000.


    Request recorded.

    Hello! Tried V7.1.6.2000, same - still shows "Import bookmarks" & "Other bookmarks" on Quick Launch, even when "Show bookmark bar" is disabled. Has shown "Import bookmarks" since at least v7 first released (possibly v6 as well, but not positive). When on any website, they're not displayed.

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  2. Hello!
    With "Show bookmarks bar" off in settings, the bar is still shown, with "Import bookmarks" & "Other bookmarks" both shown, when on Quick Launch:



    On Maxthon menu, at the top, next to account details, it says "Sync" & when clicked it does...
    However, afterwards, it still says "Sync"...
    Would be nice if Maxthon checked whether everything was already sync'd & only display the prompt if not, or at least report when last sync'd (maybe via a tooltip when mouse hovered over).
    I had assumed sync was automatically done, in which case the button would be redundant... does Maxthon sync on it's own & if so, under what schedule?

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  3. Hello!
    Would be appreciated if the MaxNote shortcuts, that I'm never going to use (I'll access from Maxton menus if need it) could be prompted (default "NO") during installation.
    Every time I install a new Maxthon release, I've now got 2 shortcuts to delete that I didn't have before...
    It's not that it takes a long time, it's just annoying!

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  4. Hello!
    Am I missing it or have you removed 'reader mode', whereby only the content (i.e. no menus, adverts, sundry tat, etc) is shown for easier reading and/or printing!?
    I just don't understand why, if you have a useful feature, you replace it with something no-one's ever asked for or wanted!
    I understand the limitations of using Chromium (albeit one that even Noah would have found out-of-date & not taken with him on The Ark!), but that's just the browser engine, Maxthon sits on top of that, so you can add whatever you like & once there, unless mass-requested to remove it, leave it there!

    On Quick Launch settings, under Wallpaper, Foreground/Background Color (spelt wrong for UK English), if set to Automatic, it seems the colour is applied to all & it doesn't detect what's under that section & colour accordingly - e.g. picture with dark top & light bottom, the highlights should invert for one.

    I've used Maxthon, almost daily, since it was first released, but according to your 'gold coins' I never use it for more than 5 days at a time & therefore the counter is reset every week.  I have a work account & a personal account, so despite most weeks running it daily, that isn't reflected.  The coins seem like a pointless waste of space to me (& I suspect most others too), but you should be recording how many loads/sessions are used, NOT consecutive days.  Suppose someone has built up a huge number of coins & then goes to a wedding or funeral, then the next day they have nothing again - this is just alienating users against the feature, however good your intentions were.

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  5. I should also report that the download manager still shows occasional duplicate entries, which are not removed when clearing the list, implying cache issues (which has been cleared & didn't help).
    It's done this since Maxthon v6 was first released & is been reported every few releases.
    It happens on different computers, with different versions & releases of Windows & with different extensions (I always have an ad-blocker (previously Ad-Block Plus, then Ad-Guard & now uBlock Origin), ever since you removed the built-in Ad-Block Plus).

    When downloading ".exe" installers, most (but not all) also still don't have the program icon, but instead either my user icon or just a blank icon - this has also been an issue since v6 first released.

    Another (maybe) issue, I goto softpedia.com (I see this on other sites too) most days to download updated versions of various programs & each day, when I first goto the site, I'm prompted for cookie action (e.g. allow all/custom/etc), separately for Windows, Linux & macOS (i.e. if downloading a Windows program, prompted for first, but no others after, but if then downloading a macOS program, prompted again (& again if Linux))... this could be related to one or a combination of my extensions, but I see it both at work & at home... I'll try disabling the extensions, one by one, & see if that helps & report back

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  6. 2 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi MichaelC362, there's a possibility that some interference occurred between a certain extension and the loading of websites / certain features. Which is why we usually advise user to disable all extensions and try again before determining if it is a bug.

    I should say, it didn't do this on any previous upgrade, with the same tabs set to load at startup & with those same extensions present & running

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  7. 5 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi MichaelC362, could you disable all extensions and relaunch the browser to see if this issue persist?

    It only did it on the first load - afterwards & today it was ok, however, when I next upgrade, I can try that first.
    I have uBlock Origin, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials & Webroot's Web Threat Shield (that last one not by choice!).
    These are quite popular extensions, so are you saying Maxthon has issues with (some?) extensions?

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  8. Hello!
    Upgraded to beta this morning, manually shut down running Maxthon at start of installer, when complete, Maxthon loaded with my 8 tabs I have set to load at startup, but, all of them just said, "Untitled" in the tab description & none of them loaded until I went to each & refreshed the page.

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  9. 7 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi MichaelC362, this will be fixed in the next version.

    Hi MichaelC362, could you try by closing the browser and change your user data name, afterwhich relaunch the browser again to see if it works?

    So you're saying, once a website is set to Trident, there's no way, within Maxthon, to change that back (in this instance, when a URL is opened by a link, rather than the main page itself)!?
    Clearly, there needs to be available, internally,a list of websites with selected core, zoom level & anything else one can select, with options to amend or remove.
    I've seen 100s of customers with (mostly) Opera browser where they've zoomed in or out for websites, which, like Maxthon, is remembered per website, but at least Opera lists these allowing edit or removal (I suspect other web browsers do too as it's an obvious requirement).
    There used to be an option in Maxthon for force Blink or auto-detect, but I don't see anything like that now.
    Since Trident is so incompatible these days (mostly only required for old government, recruitment & educational websites), it's not something that would be a big issue to lose anyway (it's still nice to have it, just in case!), however, it NEEDS to be manageable.

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  10. Need help...

    I've inadvertently clicked on the switch core button (from Blink to Trident) for Microsoft's Outlook website, while I had an email open, with attachments, one of which was being previewed & I clicked 'print' & then the core button (accidentally) - Outlook just sits there & does nothing in Trident mode, but clicking the button again reverts it back to Blink & the print dialogue is displayed & all is ok... However, I now have to do this for EVERY email attachment I want to print!  Clicking Maxthon's 'Site settings' & 'Clear all' + 'Reset permissions' doesn't help.  Is there somewhere I can see all websites with specified display core (Blink or Trident) & then just delete or revert to default (which I also don't see as a setting anymore - used to be able to select 'auto' or 'always' for Blink)?

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  11. Hello!
    Upgraded to new version, but still getting 'Features' displayed before 'About' & stil only on first click & ok after.

    Re. the 'Widevine' issue for DRM streaming (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, BT, etc), their website says, "Widevine enables secure premium content protection utilizing free-to-use, standards-based solutions for OTT and CAS services." - that implies it's free for you to use & other web browsers are using it, so, unless you do need to pay for a  licence (in which case you'll just have to do so!), this is a major incompatibility issue for Maxthon & should be your number #1 priority to implement, even more than upgrading the ridiculously out-of-date Chromium core!
    Hopefully, you're not trying to write your own codecs for widevine else we could all be waiting years!?


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  12. On 8/10/2023 at 8:42 AM, MichaelC362 said:

    Latest version does it too, but, as I say, only first time after loading in the morning & even if I immediately try it again, it's then ok for the rest of the day.
    I can take a screenshot tomorrow to show you, but it is just as I say, so it won't help.

    Here's a page shot from this morning... shows Features & About, but do it again, straight after & it just shows AboutSettings_20238119538.thumb.png.20e0cc145a8c03c4a9d9dd1de8240da8.png

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  13. 5 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi MichaelC362, could you try out this issue using the latest 1201 version? I have tried a few times on my side but could not reproduce the same issue. In case if you encounter same problem, kindly take a short video of it so I could inform the developers. Thank you :)

    Latest version does it too, but, as I say, only first time after loading in the morning & even if I immediately try it again, it's then ok for the rest of the day.
    I can take a screenshot tomorrow to show you, but it is just as I say, so it won't help.

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  14. Hello!
    When I goto menu, help, about Maxthon, first time since loading, it shows the Features menu options, with About listed below...
    If I do it again, it just shows About, as it should.
    Last couple of versions have done this, so not just latest one.

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  15. 2 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi MichaelC362, we have tried using Outlook in Chrome and it seems like spell check doesn't work in there as well. Thus this might not be a browser issue.

    So you're saying Microsoft are blocking any browser spell checking for their email websites!?
    That just doesn't seem likely, although nothing Microsoft does surprises me, no matter how mad or unpopular it is!
    On Microsoft.co.uk, spell check works & also in their calendar, just not within email...
    If they are blocking it (which is just pointless), are you able to override that!?
    Has anyone else here got spell check working on Outlook or Hotmail?

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  16. 10 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi MichaelC362, I have checked with the development team and they will add in this function subsequently.

    Re. no spell check just on Outlook/Hotmail... not really interested in a toggle on/off option, as am likely to always want it on, but as it's not working just for those 2 websites & works fine everywhere else, is Maxthon spell check specifically disabled just for those websites (would seem unlikely) or have I accidently clicked something that's stopping it from working & if so, how do I re-enable? Is anyone else getting this? Does spell check work for others on Outlook/Hotmail?

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  17. On 7/29/2023 at 3:25 AM, MaxthonJeff said:

    There are several reasons:

    1. The latest core may not be the best one regarding stability and compatibility. For example,  the core after 109 removed the support for win7. We want Maxthon works well for all current users. We will not update until we have a solution for such a case.

    2. We don't have enough developers. It's not a simple copy/paste job to update the core since we must make sure all Maxthon extra features work well with the new core. It takes a lot of jobs to do a core update. And the same team is also developing new features, fixing bugs etc. etc. If the team got more income, hopefully, we can hire more developers to speed up the process.


    I understand where you're coming from with this explanation, but consider that VERY few of the 'extra features' were ever requested by anyone, whereas keeping the core updated for compatibility & security seems to be requested by almost everyone, for those very reasons.
    Windows 7 has a very low market share (3.7%) & it simply isn't worth sacrificing safety, security & compatibility for so few people (XP still has 0.33% share, yet you don't consider it worth supporting them).
    A lot of the issues people experience are likely fixed in newer cores, so wouldn't be a problem...
    It seems like you're just making extra work for yourselves by holding back the core & trying to overcome something that's already fixed or not a problem in a newer version.

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  18. Hello!
    For quite some versions now, when composing an email on Outlook or Hotmail, Maxthon doesn't spell check.

    Works here (Maxthon forum) & on other sites, just not those 2.  Microsoft say they don't do spell check on those sites (I'm fairly sure they used to).

    Is there a setting to enable or disable, per website, and I've accidentally turned it off!?

    If so, how do I turn it back on again?

    Just for reference, the download manager bug (present since v6 first released) whereby ".exe" program icons are often (but not always) missed off (generic shown), is still not fixed.

    Also, when typing here & using "Return/Enter", it always double-line spaces... is that by design!?

    I can use shift+Enter & that doesn't:
    like this, but that really shouldn't be needed.


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  19. On 7/6/2023 at 9:36 AM, BugSir009 said:

    Hi MichaelC362, could you disable all extensions and restart the browser to see if it helps? Please send us a short video or screenshot if problem still persist so I could ask the development team to check further.

    Do send us a screenshot of the error message that appears. Thank you.

    Here's the message from Amazon Prime... get the same message on different computers, all with good enough graphics & fast enough internet to handle playback.


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  20. Hello!

    Re. download manager not showing icons for most (does show some) ".exe" files:

    I can confirm, clearing the cache made no difference.

    Re. duplicate entries in download manager:

    Yesterday, not 1 but 2 duplicate copies listed, which remained after clearing the list, but weren't present upon restarting Maxthon, once again confirming that issue is cache related & has been present since day 1 of v6 onwards

    A new issue (at least new to me as not tried before) - when trying to view Amazon Prime video, it won't play in HD & says something like not compatible (I'll get the exact message next time I try it), but plays ok in SD quality.

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  21. 7 hours ago, BugSir009 said:

    Hi OPBlackViking, yes the developers have rolled back to Chromium 108 as they noticed there were some error in displaying web pages in Chromium 109. Rolling back to Chromium 108 is an interim measure. Subsequently, the development team will upgrade to the latest core.


    When you say, "Subsequently, the development team will upgrade to the latest core", do you just mean the very old 109 again, or actually the latest core (currently, I think, 114)?  Also, how long is "Subsequently"!?  A few days, weeks, months or more than a year, like before!?

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  22. 22 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Hi MichaelC362, is it v3.2.8? Please restart the browser to try this issue again. ?



    Tried again this morning & exactly the same.  When I right click Vbox & click settings, it just takes me into Maxthon's 'Advanced' settings page (although the address is spelt wrong: mx://settings/advance)... I don't see the options you're showing

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  23. 20 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Text was in Chinese (despite specifying UK)

    Got multiple 'server internal error's & one error that just said "3"!

    When selecting 044 for country code, the code isn't shown after

    Hi MichaelC362, I tried to test this issue on my end but haven't reproduced it, could you please provide a short video of it?


    Doesn't seem to be option to start again, but first 2 times clicked Vbox this morning, just got error "3".

    Then it let me continue & once again, selecting 044 for UK doesn't display after selecting, but also, after entering phone number & clicking send, it doesn't send anything & just gets another server error:





    (I've deleted the phone number from the picture here)

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