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  1. Hello!

    Used your alternate link to download Mx6.1.2.1000 (64-bit) 0430 & that now loads ok.

    I have a shortcut in the task bar & if Maxthon isn't running, that loads it ok, but if Maxthon is minimized to tray, then the shortcut doesn't bring it to foreground (worked with previous beta), only the tray icon now works.

    Once again, I need to report auto-update still doesn't work & neither does the auto-rename when downloading a file that already exists, unless the destination folder has previously been parsed in this session.

    Hello (again)!

    I see Opera, Brave & Vivaldi have all updated today to the newer Chromium base... how far behind are you planning on keeping Mx6?

    If core, plugins & user agent are not up-to-date websites start reporting the browser as being out-of-date &, in some cases, one can't proceed!

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  2. Hello!

    Mx6 Version: (64-bit) 0424

    I see in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Maxthon\Application\User Data\Default\Backups there are (auto-created?) backups for BookMarks, Login Data, MagicFill & QuickAccess... how are these managed?

    For me:

    BookMarks=18 entries going back to 7th April 2021

    Login Data=134 entries going back to 16th November 2020

    MagicFill=9 entries going back to 17th April 2021

    QuickAccess=18 entries going back to 7th April 2021

    Over time, will these just keep taking more & more disc space or are they auto-deleted after a certain quantity or time & how are there discrepancies for how many & how far back mine are?

    I also had an issue (today & once only, never before) with the download manager unable to completely clear the download list... clicked 'clear all records' many times, but most of the list remained. Exit Mx6, reload & re-check & the list was empty without having to click clear, meaning it simply wasn't updated.

    The auto-rename for existing files of the same name still doesn't work unless the destination folder has already been parsed... Since we may download dozens of programs every day (to keep a 'software library' up-to-date) this is getting tiresome now as it worked fine in Mx5.

    Obviously, the auto-update for beta version still doesn't work!

  3. Hello!

    Maxthon Version 0417

    When opening multiple tabs in the background (e.g. www.bbc.co.uk to open lots of news items), often, video content is missing (been the same with ALL Mx6 releases)... Press F5 to refresh the page & the video is fine.

    In Mx5, Passkeeper had a "more" section for additional fields (not just username & password), but Mx6 doesn't (e.g. www.nsandi.com has "NS&I number", "Surname" + "Password" (although, the latest Mx6 now puts the "Surname" into the "NS&I number" field!), but only "Surname" + "Password" are stored).

    Under mx://flags, there's options with "Default", "Enabled" & "Disabled", with most set to "Default", but no indication what the default is... i.e. Enabled or Disabled

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  4. Hello!

    Will there be a Linux version of Mx6?

    Do you block google's FLoC tracking by default or can it be disabled & if so, how?

    Do you de-google Chromium before including it in Maxthon or does it still record & sell user data?

    Are you planning on including DNS-over-HTTPS (with selectable providers)?

    Will the Maxthon Nitro Ad-Skipper (or the equivalent) ever be released?

    Due to there still being far too many issues with Mx6 stable, if we install the beta version onto customer's computers, will it upgrade to stable upon release?

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  5. Hello!

    Maxthon Version (64-bit) 0417

    The auto-rename when downloading files still doesn't work unless the destination folder has previously been parsed in this session (same on ALL Mx6, but worked fine in Mx5).

    The mouse scroll in the download popup is far faster than elsewhere in Windows, meaning sometimes moves too far & have to scroll back.

    The download manager is still a popup, rather than window, so have to repeatedly reopen the popup when managing downloaded files.

    Auto-update still doesn't work, despite being 'added' several versions back.

    Hello (again)!

    Maxthon Version (64-bit) 0417

    In Passkeeper, when filtering using the search box & editing an entry, after, all entries are once again displayed & the search box cleared... i.e. the current filter is lost & has to be re-entered.  Would be good if the filter remained & "x" added to the right side of the search box to optionally clear the filter.

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  6. Hello!

    Maxthon v6.1.1.1500(64-bit)0319

    1. Still getting issues with minimize to system tray...
    If another program has focus, clicking Maxton tray icon restores to taskbar, but in the background.
    If then clicking the taskbar icon, sometimes it switches to foreground, but sometimes it just re-minimizes back to tray.

    2. https://www.national-lottery.co.uk/ still getting just 2 spinning life signs in top half of screen, rather than content.

    3. download manager still a popup, rather than window... this is tedious when downloaded lots of items & needing to goto each folder as have to keep re-opening

    4. download auto-rename still doesn't work, at all, unless destination folder has already been parsed in this session...
    e.g. download offline installer & have to manually rename file if already exists (I like to compare current & previous versions to see if they've really changed or there's an issue with download link pointing to old version). After, download online installer, which is now correctly auto-renamed as the folder was previously parsed.

    5. related to (4)... if downloading a file with a new file name, which doesn't exist in destination folder (e.g. 64bit "Thunderbird Setup 78.8.1.exe") then after, downloading the 32bit version, which has the same name as Mozilla can't be bothered to include the 'bit' in the filename, this is automatically renamed as the last parsed folder now includes a file of the same name, BUT, if this would be downloaded to a different folder (for the 32bit version) where this filename does NOT exist, the rename has already happened. Auto-rename should ONLY occur AFTER the destination folder has been parsed.

    6. when positioning the cursor over a link, a popup box is shown on the bottom left of screen with the URL displayed... this is quite small on a 1600x1200 resolution & worse on even higher... would be nice if that was at least configurable to make easier to read (I know can copy link & past into notepad, but really shouldn't have to)

    7. Submit Feedback... sent MANY bug reports at start of year & didn't get a single reply... Last year, reply time varied, usually few days, sometimes weeks or more. Now posting here instead, but is 'Submit Feedback' still being actively monitored!?

    8. https://www.nsandi.com/ still not storing the NS&I number, just surname & password... worked in Mx5

    9. Beta versions still not auto-upgrading & still reporting they're up-to-date when they're not

    10. Quick Launch still not showing website thumbnails & some of the suggested websites still included sponsored links (when customers see this, they don't understand)

    11. Quick Launch icons still not shown for UK versions of websites (e.g. amazon.com shows logo, amazon.co.uk doesn't)... would be nice if icons/logos were selectable from Mx database, favicon off website or even local pictures

    12. would be nice to have Mx5 style status bar with URL, CPU, RAM & IP listed. When Mx6 was released (MUCH too early given the number of bugs & issues), said Mx5 features copied across, but MANY are still missing

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  7. Hello!


    When minimizing to tray (finally!) & later clicking the tray icon, if another program has focus, Mx6 just opens in the background.

    If clicking the now taskbar shortcut, sometimes it re-minimizes back to tray & sometimes it brings to foreground.

  8. Hello!

    Would be nice to implement the key ring password at browser start, like in Linux, so if entered, auto-fill will be enabled, but if not, then won't.

    That way, someone using Mx6, who doesn't know the key ring password, can't auto-login to any secure websites (e.g. shopping, email, etc), but can still browse ok.

    The download manager really needs to be a window, not just a popup, as when going to entries for downloads, have to keep bringing the popup back up.

  9. Mx6 beta

    The Ctrl + F1 snap now has Chinese characters in the description.

    Lloydsbank.com now can't sign-in (was ok with previous beta).

    national-lottery.co.uk still broken with just spinning life signs for some images on home page.

    The new download manager is still not good enough (i.e. not as good as Mx5)... why keep going backwards!? The window isn't even resizable & now instead of a downward facing arrow icon, there's now just a black circle.

    Good minimizer to tray finally added in, but still would benefit from status bar (like Mx5).

    Still no website thumbnails or selectable images (could use favicon, a Mx/web database or locally chosen)

  10. When I say there's no indicator for zoom % with +/- on screen, I mean ON SCREEN, not just on the menu. Mx5 had a status bar which showed current zoom & had visible controls.

    The Ctrl + left/right, ONLY goes between tabs & not words when focus is on a field... this is VERY annoying!

    A screenshot of a dark background isn't going to help as the darkness will vary between monitors... on mine, I use the sun rise/set picture & the text at the top right isn't visible... If it was inverted to white, it would be readable. This needs to be dynamic, based on the picture darkness in that area (perhaps just XOR).

  11. 1. After downloading a file, if that file is renamed or deleted outside of Maxthon, then the 'open folder' link in download manager doesn't work. As the folder itself still exists, it should still open

    2. After downloading a file, if that file is renamed or deleted outside of Maxthon, then there is no option to restart the download.  Can click the URL link, but then have to browse to/select destination folder again

    3. If a download is paused, clicking 'Clear all' removes the paused download as well as the completed ones from the list

    4. If website viewed at 100%, no indication ON SCREEN how to zoom in/out - only shows if not 100% & even then only shows a magnifying glass icon, doesn't show the zoom +/-%. can't just be on the menu - not user friendly

    5. Download manager doesn't have resume (e.g. after internet disruption) or restart- the screenshot they showed me doesn't exist in current stable or last beta

    6. While running a beta version, auto-update NEEDS to actually work for ALL new versions, not just those you think are important.  This is also true when running stable, but with the added option of updating to beta too. If there's a new version available, then that means you've fixed, improved or added something so in some way, it's better than the previous version... obviously, people are going to want the better version, especially while Mx6 still has many unresolved issues

    7. nsandi.com - auto-fill doesn't remember the NS&I number, only the Surname + Password

    8. While reporting bugs in 'Submit Feedback', would be good to be able to access previous posts & replies

    9. No quick or easy access to User Agent, like in Mx5

    10. Still getting black on dark background picture on quick launch page, so text unreadable as almost invisible

  12. Just tried latest Mx6.1.1.1000 & still missing LOTS from Mx5 & still getting compatibility issues:

    1. download file size not displayed before download has already started... need to know size to know where to store

    2. quick launch thumbnails... still missing... could also offer to use website favicon image

    3. download auto-rename... doesn't work at all unless folder has already been parsed. also, auto-renames if download name exists in parsed folder, even if about to browse to another where it doesn't exist. MUST parse folder BEFORE checking

    4. minimize to system tray missing

    5. not compatible with hotmail/outlook email...
    after (seems random) few seconds, the page refreshes back to inbox, losing anything typed in a new message

    6. Ctrl + left/right should, when focus is on a field, move between words, NOT tabs, unless focus is on page

    7. download manager doesn't have resume or restart

    8. help/about Maxthon link goes to already open about page - should be maxthon.com

    9. no status bar showing IP, RAM, CPU, zoom

    10. if website viewed at 100%, no indication how to zoom in/out (only shows if not 100%)

    I've used the built-in send feedback MANY times over the last month, reporting MANY bugs & issues, but had ZERO replies, hence now posting here instead!

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