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  1. And one more note: The option to "set as the default browser" should be restored. (MX 6 v6.1.2.700 - 64 bit 0409)
  2. I understand. I think the former (smaller tab) was better because I could open more tabs next to it. Alternatively, an option could be built into the new browser: you can choose a smaller or larger tab size.
  3. I have the same problem with the new version. ( - 64bit)
  4. That's okay. But if I delete one of the downloaded files, it will no longer remove its entry from the download list.
  5. Congratulations! This is a very good version. Faster than the previous one. I found a small bug. The "Clear Invalid" option does not work in the Download Manager. Please correct it.
  6. This known issue is still being analyzed. 😊 Hello! I did a try! I saved "Login Data" and "Local State" from the previous version. Then in the new version I copied "Login Data" to the "User Data\Default" folder and "Local State" to the "User Data" folder. And see a miracle! Passwords have appeared in Passkeeper! (Maybe this information will help solve the problem.)
  7. A very good feature in Maxthon 6 is importing passwords from Maxthon 5. However, the ability to export passwords from Maxthon 6 would be very good. I do not use a Maxthon Account. If a newer version of MX6 arrives, I can't transfer passwords from the previous version to the new one. Even if I copy the older "Login Data" file from the "User Data\Default" folder, Passkeeper will remain empty. I tried to copy the saved "Login Data" file to the "User Data \ Default" folder of the original Chrome browser. Then in Maxthon 6, select "Import from Chrome" for the import option. The import was succ
  8. Missing feature in MX6. By right-clicking on an open tab in the browser, the "Send to..." feature is missing - which was extremely useful in Maxthon 5. It would be nice to rebuild to Maxthon 6. Thanks!