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  1. Hello BugSir006! I "installed" (updated 3100) the linked test version and see miracle: my passwords are preserved! Thank you very much! I attach the log file created after installation and run. 20211025.log
  2. I did a try with new (portable, 64-bit) version. I upgraded to the new version (from to 64-bit, portable both. The new version ( deletes saved passwords in the same way as the previous version ( It's a waste. 😢 I put back. I attached the log file from the new version. But I also attach a log file (MX_6.1.2.3100_20211022.log) from the previous version ( Maybe comparing the two will help solve the problem of deleting passwords. 20211022.log MX_6.1.2.3100_20211022.log
  3. Unfortunately, after copying the contents of the mx6_3200_test_1021 directory, Passkeeper "Autosaved Passwords" they disappeared again. I attach the log file. 20211021.log mxservice.log
  4. Hi BugSir006, i will describe how I installed the new version and attach the log file created by the new ( version. Upgrading Maxthon PORTABLE 64-bit from to UserData - remain intact, I didn't do anything with it. I just deleted things from the previous version: - folder; chrome_proxy.exe - file; Maxthon.exe - file Then I copied the things from the new version instead: - folder; chrome_proxy.exe - file; Maxthon.exe - file Then I launched a new version ( of Maxthon. And passkeeper "Autosaved Passwords" is empty! 20211020.log
  5. I use the MX guest account on the same computer. Nothing changes.
  6. Hi! I used the Maxthon portable 64-bit version before and am still using it. (Unfortunately Mx 64 bit portable lost my all passwords.)
  7. I use Maxthon on the local guest account for long time, after installing the latest version (portable verison! - don't update "User Data" folder!) I have lost all saved passwords (over 250) Passkeeper is empty, why???? This was not the case with previous versions!
  8. One memory management bug: If I open several browser tabs in a row and then close them - Maxthon will use up the machine's memory. Closed tabs further occupy system memory. Browser: MX6 PC Beta Release
  9. I found a bug: when I go to the Spotify web page, whatever music I choose, the music goes silent after 9 seconds! (Maxthon v6.1.2.2600 - portable) I tried other browsers (Chorme, Edge) - they worked perfectly.
  10. Hi! Bookmark vertical or horizontal scrolling (scrollbar) problem not yet fixed in version 🤕 Maybe in next version? MX5 bookmarks: MX6 bookmarks