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  1. since few version back (sorry for late report) i have problem with mouse gestures i use mouse gesture for open new tab - hold right button and click left - that works well another gesture is for close current tab - hold left, click right button - here comes issue the tab is closed as it should and i am redirected to the tab which is next to the actual tab that was closed (according my settings). But it do another gesture on the tab i was jumped from closed tab. The gesture is according settings. Mostly BACK action. It seems like it "remember" from where was the gesture for open new tab done and then it take the position as origin for new gesture. And when i release the right button it makes it as another gesture. in maxthon 2 i was using it and it worked well. After some version this gestures was removed, later hold right + click left was added and now was the other added as well but with problems.