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  1. After updating to V7.1.6.2200 I realised that the issue only happens when I want to save content from page with Gradio based Stable Difussion WebUI loaded. There is no issue with other pages so far.
  2. I have Version7.1.6.2100 and I noticed increased RAM usage. There are situations where I have to restart Maxthon, because pages don't load anymore. Is this some kind of known bug? I don't remember having such problem in Version7.1.6.1000.
  3. I am not able to update to that version. I can update up to Version7.1.6.2100 according to Maxthon settings.
  4. I noticed increased RAM usage and it causing issue with loading pages after some time of running Maxthon. Any update on that issue?
  5. When I save webpage content to MaxNote file and then try to open that file through MaxNote manager there is nothing saved there inside the file. The content is missing. No text or images. Nothing.
  6. Oh you mean if I restore tab using main menu instead of quick buttons. I didn't know that. Still it is rather tricky. Do you know was it changed intentionally? Would it be possible to have it work with quick restore button as well like it used to be? In my opinion it was much functional before.
  7. @BugSir009 My Maxthon Version7.1.6.1000 Screen Recording
  8. I noticed that after restoring closed tab there is no history available anymore.
  9. @BugSir009 Why so? I think it was more convenient under the restore button. Any chance to have it available there as well?