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  1. I suggest to make "recycle bin" of bookmarks for such cases :)) But if many users need it in sub-menu, I dont mind. V6.1.2.2600 suits my needs and I probably revert to older version. I know that in In sub-menu. Just wrote my opinion it would be better in menu (not sub) , but not big problem Also noticed, you made "restore tab" drop down list narrower (less informative) in new version
  2. You moved "delete" option in bookmarks to submenu? ðŸ˜Ū "delete" is far most used option. #1 - why to hide it, make harder to access? 😃 #2 is "rename". Personally I dont mind "cut, copy, paste" in submenu, although honestly dont see purpose of those Triangle submenus // also missing (from older versions of MX) direct access to 'bookmark all tabs" when right clicking on the tab.
  3. Not a bug, not feature request or suggestion.. Just couple of questions about mx , if I may Read somewhere Maxthon is default browser for more then 600 million people. It seems to me a little bit overstated. 1) Maybe 600 millions is all users, not default? Why when you search "top browsers", you cant find there MX? Do you have any MX stats? 2) How to pronounce Maxthon correctly? 3) For me Mx is best browser - 100%. And when I recommend it to someone, they ask why it is so good. I tell them about super drug, tab mutes, global mute, zoom on status bar, mouse gestures, direct URL shortcuts, quick save, right click on "+" opens new tab with url in clipboard, double click closes tab, e.t.c... I cant imagine without this features today. Restore last opened tab icon and restoring all tabs after pc/browser crash since version MX2. Nobody had those features in 2000x and even today. Can you list you favorite MX features that other browser (Chrome)) missing? And features, that MX implemented first, and now became mainstream
  4. Just downloaded mx_6.1.2.2400 beta. Everything fine on new version. Described problem was on mx_6.1.2.1900 portable 64 bit.
  5. Make new folder in Bookmarks (Add folder..) - Let's say name it "suppliers" Try to drag any bookmarked site to this folder (from root or any other folder) Expected result: you have "draged" website in new folder (suppliers) Actual result: You cant drag any other bookmarked website to new folder, while it is EMPTY. First you need to add to "suppliers" folder any website other way, and then (when it isn't empty) you can use drag method too.
  6. I appreciate how MX team added new features (from mx5). My MX 6 works good without problems. Have one more little suggestion. Not big priority, but anyway.. In mx5 we were able to rename bookmark folder faster . Now you need to click first triangle near "Delete" and only then "Rename". But I believe "Rename" is used more often then "Copy, cut, paste" and deserves place below "Delete"
  7. CTR+N used to open new tab. Now it opens new window 👎 CTR+SHIFT+N used to open new tab with URL in clipboard. Now it opens new tab with URL in clipboard. 👍 (the same)
  8. not big priority, but anyway: We have folders in Bookmarks, lets say "CARS", "POLITICS", e.t.c.. Sometimes we have folders inside folders. In "CARS" I have another folders "w164", "w212", "ServiceMan Contacts" :)) , e.t.c.. If I try to move one of the bookmarks (from root or another folder) to Folder inside folder, lets say "w164" (by dragging it) and then after I released my mouse button and clicked anywhere in FREE SPACE in browser to return to my tabs, MX6 (latest version portable 64) closes itself. After reopen browser, DRAGED BOOKMARK sometimes is in new folder, sometime in old place.. p.s. "FREE SPACE" in my case means DROP DOWN BOOKMARK AREA FREE SPACE, because I have a lot of bookmarks and it covers almost 100% of browser window.
  9. zoom problem still exist on status bar steps: 1. open anysite 2. from status bar click 2 times on "+" (zoom to 125%) 3. close browser 4. reopen browser 5. reopen "anysite" expected result: "anysite" is 125% zoomed and status bar showing 125% actual result: "anysite" is 125% zoomed, BUT status bar showing 100%
  10. Page zoom doesnt work correctly on status bar. If you make zoom of page, lets say to 150% and then close browser, after reopening the same page , it is zoomed , but status bar showing now 100% . Actually it is 150% and from menu on top right corner you can see 150%.
  11. 😘 😘 How could I miss this )) thank you!
  12. 🙄 where is this new feature hidden? looking for 20 minutes already, cant find ðŸĪŠ
  13. 👍 Great. Thx Also I see I can Shift-Click from bookmarks, website opened in background but bookmark list dont close anymore (like in mx5) - 👍 😍
  14. what is quickest way to update mx6 portable version without loosing personal settings?